Series 2 - Episode 7

Episode 7

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Only five girls remain in the running as Spencer continues the search for his dream woman. He invites three of them to spend the day with him on a romantic picnic on the outskirts of the ancient Italian city of Lucca, but first they need to get there…

Spencer has lined up a four-person rickshaw which they will all have to cycle and navigate together – taking them out of their comfort zones and causing rifts between them. One girl takes the initiative and jumps straight on the back seat to get up close with Spencer, which does not go down too well with her rivals, who sulk their way through the journey.

Eventually they arrive at the picturesque picnic area, where Spencer reveals that he wants to spend some one-on-one time with each of the girls, offering a perfect opportunity for romance to blossom. The next day, the Bachelor invites one girl to escape with him on a breathtaking hot-air balloon ride over the stunning Italian countryside. The two of them kiss and caress in the golden sunshine, and when they land he has lined up an exclusive spa date, where he presents the lucky lady with a precious rose.

On the final date, Spencer challenges the girls to write and perform a song for him. Tears and tantrums are much in evidence as they struggle with the creative challenge, but they eventually find their voice with the help of a top music producer whom Spencer has provided. All the girls dig deep and produce memorable performances – some funny, some sensitive and some brutally honest – all of which helps the Bachelor as he decides which girl to send home.

In the climactic rose ceremony, the journey ends for one girl as her dream for love with Spencer is over, leaving just four girls in the quest to become The Bachelor’s perfect princess.


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