Series 2 - Episode 8

Episode 8

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The Bachelor and the four remaining girls leave the glamour and romance of Italy and return to home to their families. Spencer then visits all four girls at home and really gets to see what makes them tick, away from the heated environment of the competition. At the end of this episode, three of the girls will be jetting off to the tropical island paradise of the Bahamas, while one is left behind in the rain – but who will it be?

First stop on the tour is Suffolk, where Spencer is surprised to discover his first girl’s family life is rather different from the image she has been projecting. He gets a further shock when her overprotective father (a keen amateur boxer) reminds him in no uncertain terms that a daddy’s girl will always be just that.

Next stop on the nationwide journey is Wiltshire. Spencer had been looking forward to meeting the girls away from the pushy, competitive environment of the house, but he had not anticipated the need to repel the amorous advances of one of their mothers! Spencer escapes with his honour intact, before a frank and intimate conversation with the girl in question leaves him with doubts about his future with her.

The following day finds Spencer travelling to Hampshire. He is dogged by doubts about a future with this girl and hopes that, by finally spending some quality time with her away from the others, he will see another side to her that he is so desperate to glimpse. Unfortunately, she seems unable to stop herself reverting to type. Spencer is torn over whether his initial attraction to her can overcome such a significant character flaw.

The last home visit brings a cataclysmic shock for the Bachelor. A confession from the girl hits Spencer like a ton of bricks and her future is in jeopardy as he struggles to take in the unsettling discovery.

The show concludes with an extremely tense rose ceremony at Gatwick airport. All four girls have their bags packed in readiness to fly away with Spencer, but one will be disappointed. After the four home visits, the field is wide open again, and it is anyone’s guess who Spencer will be taking with him to the Bahamas.


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