Series 2 - Episode 9

Episode 9

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A private picnic on a desert island is one lucky girl’s date with Spencer. En route they stop to go snorkelling, but Spencer’s date struggles to keep her head above the water. With a huge question mark hanging over her head from her previous date with Spencer, this girl has something to prove. So, as the couple settle into their picnic for two, will she put the Bachelor’s fears to rest and seal the deal with a kiss?

For the next date, Spencer kicks off with an adrenaline-fuelled jet-ski ride designed to make his chosen girl hold on tight and her heart face faster…But the date is as up and down as the waves they ride. Once ashore on a desert island, Spencer fails to open up to the girl and it looks like
this datemight be awash-out. But over a candlelit dinner at Spencer’s Bachelor pad, there’s an invitation to a late-night dip in the pool…

On his final date, Spencer wants to see if he can take his relationship to the next level, so what better way than to head for the skies? After boarding a seaplane together, they get a spectacular aerial view of the paradise below. However, the Bachelor is in for a surprise when the girl has to conquer one of her biggest fears – swimming with sharks.

There is so much intimacy between Spencer and each girl that no one is any the wiser about who will stay and who will go, and the tension mounts in what proves to be Spencer’s hardest decision so far. But one of these girls faces a crushing blow at the penultimate rose ceremony...


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