The Bachelor

Series 2 - Episode 2 gallery

After last week's eliminations, games are raised during the group dates as the girls battle it out for time alone with Spencer.

With 15 girls remaining, the very first date gives seven of them an early chance to get up close and personal with the Bachelor. Spencer has arranged a photo shoot and set each girl the challenge of coming up with a theme based on a famous movie love scene.

While Brandy opts for 'fun, flirty and dirty' with her homage to the infamous pottery scene from Ghost, Iraida opts for another Patrick Swayze classic - Dirty Dancing. Tabby hopes for a happy ending with her Romeo and Juliet theme, Natalia turns up the heat by casting herself as Pretty Woman, Danielle settles on Top Gun, and Renay makes a splash as a mermaid - but it's Jess and her burlesque-themed shoot that scores her a solo date with the Bachelor, not to mention a first kiss!

The following day sees the eight girls who were left behind enjoying a catamaran cruise with Spencer, where after an afternoon of fun and frolics, the beach games are given a twist when the winner of a limbo is invited for a solo date with Spencer. But lucky Khloe proves far more interested in grilling the man himself over whether the girls are the only ones capable of playing games.

Last but by no means least, Spencer invites Tabby on a luxury spa retreat, where he lets her in on a little secret ahead of the second rose ceremony...