The Bachelor

Series 2 - Episode 8 gallery

Spencer hits a fork in the road as visits to the girls' families become the cause of some shock revelations.

The Bachelor and the four remaining girls leave the glamour and romance of Italy to return home for a round of family visits.

First stop on the tour is Suffolk, where Spencer is surprised to discover Tabby’s family life is rather different from the image she has been projecting. He gets a further shock when her overprotective father (a keen amateur boxer) reminds him in no uncertain terms that a daddy’s girl will always be just that.

Next on the agenda is a visit to Wiltshire, where Jess's family awaits - and Spencer appears to make a lasting impression!

But, while Spencer finds himself torn after spending more time with Chloe LC, the biggest shock comes from a trip to Khloe's home in Manchester, where a shock confession puts her hopes of a relationship with him in jeopardy.