• Beep Island Blues

    Preschool cartoon series. The birds invent a new game racing leaves on the water in the bird bath.

  • Strung Along

    Smelly and Beep Beep embark on an adventure to discover the origin of the strange blue thread that stretches around Beep Island.

  • The Bees & The Socks

    There appears to be something wrong with the bees - but what could it be?

  • What Goes Splat?

    Yuk leaves his pet puddle Splat on Bossy's doorstep, before leaving in a hurry. Who is going to keep an eye on the mucky puddle while he is away?

  • History Book

    Bossy Beep decides to make a book with photos of the Beeps and a list of their skills. But there's just one problem - she has forgotten about Beep Beep!

  • Singalongabeeps

    When the Sockroaches lose their ability to sing, the Beeposaurus steps in and offers to provide the singing instead.

  • Stinkroots!

    The smelliest plants on the whole of Beep Island have invaded Leafy's garden. What can be done?

  • Soggy Sockroaches

    The Sockroaches catch a chill when Drozzle floods the sockpit, but where can everyone dry themselves?

  • The Whale

    Nosey discovers a whale in Crystal Cove, but should it really be pink and purple? And where is the Beeposaurus?

  • Bounceflower Tea

    When the Beeps wake up, they find that the island is suddenly covered with strange trampoline-like plants called Bounceflowers.

  • The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden. It is the day of Smelly Beep's annual wash, so he runs off to hide before the other Beeps can bathe him. He comes across a secret garden behind the waterfall.

  • The Caravan

    The Caravan. The Beeposaurus wants to go on a camping holiday, but there is one problem - he does not like tents! Luckily, Teeny has a solution to this problem.

  • Up Down Hill

    Up Down Hill. A new hill appears on Beep Island, just as High Hill begins to get smaller! Could the Beeposaurus's bouncing be at the root of the problem?