Season 1 - Episode 1: Beginnings

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This episode starts at the very beginning, with Noah telling his children the stories of the Creation, the fall from the Garden of Eden and Cain's killing of his brother Abel, as they weather an almighty storm on board their wooden ark. God has sent a global flood to cleanse humanity and offer a new beginning.

Years later, Noah's descendant Abraham receives a message from God and sets out to find the promised land. There is not enough fertile land to support his whole tribe, however, and his nephew Lot decides to leave to make a new life for his family in Sodom. When God sends two of his angels to destroy the city of sin, only a heartfelt intercession by Abraham saves Lot's family.

There is still no sign of the innumerable offspring that God promised Abraham, so his barren wife Sarah encourages him to father a child, Ishmael, with their servant girl Hagar. Years later, Ishmael is the apple of his father's eye when a miracle happens. Sarah gives birth to a son, Isaac, and forces Abraham to choose between his children.

Hagar and Ishmael are sent into the wilderness, but God asks for one final, terrible test of Abraham's faith. Many years later, the descendants of Isaac's son Jacob (renamed Israel by God) have been driven by famine to leave the promised land and are now slaves in Egypt.However, one young Israelite is not a slave. The foundling Moses is living as a member of the Egyptian royal house hold until young Ramesses taunts him about his origins during a fight. Moses retreats to the wilderness until God commands him to free his people.

Moses returns to Egypt and demands: "Let my people go!" but the Pharaoh refuses, triggering a succession of devastating plagues sent from God. When the Pharaoh's first-born son dies in the tenth plague, the Israelites are freed but the Pharaoh later changes his mind. Pursued by hundreds of chariots, they arrive at the edge of the Red Sea and only a miracle saves them. The promised land awaits, but God has not yet finished with Moses. The Ten Commandments will give the Israelites a code to live by.

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