The Boss Is Coming To Dinner!

Series 1 - Episode 17

Episode 17

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Youth and academic qualifications go up against age and experience. Bubbly grandmother Kathleen puts on a splendid barbecue and entertains Derek with her stories while impressing him with her experience, energy and reluctance to retire. However, it soon transpires that she is really looking for part-time work. New graduate Bryce has just moved in with his girlfriend Juliet and they are desperate to impress the boss – but have never cooked or entertained before. Armed with instructions from Bryce’s parents, they face the challenges of cooking roast chicken for the first time while being interviewed. Bryce’s nervousness means that he fails to make the right impression on Derek, but Juliet offers an impressive validation of her boyfriend over dessert. Will Derek go for the bright, young but rather nervous graduate based on his girlfriend’s praise?

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