The Gadget Show Future Special

The Gadget Show Future Special

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Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward test consumer 3D printers, wearable technology and voice-controlled apps as well as coming face-to-face with some incredible futuristic prototypes, including a holographic display, some tiny robotic servants and even a prototype jetpack booster.

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  • johnny

    1 month ago


    who cares,as long that rachel riley is on it lol

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  • craig

    6 months ago


    This comment section if full of some of the dumbest people on this earth.

  • Nigel

    7 months ago


    to much crappy adverts its about time all our subscriptions paid for a proper web service instead of all this crap for a change, tv license internetr subscription, sky subscription, you view expensive start up costs and they still feed us with ever more crappy adverts, I cant be botherd to watch content with all the adverts in between them, shove it gadget show I'm off Ive better things to fo with my time than watch your advertising rubbish.

  • George Lucas

    10 months ago

    George Lucas

    Hi i couldn't watch it. I am going out. Bye people!!!

  • Grumpy

    12 months ago


    The adverts stutter and freeze, sometimes for 20 minutes or more - regardless of which browser you use, and regardless of what you do or don't have blocked. And I haven't seen it, but there is no reason why the site should be requesting access to the Flash player -a way of getting round the rules on cookies perhaps?

  • Fern1515

    12 months ago


    Bunch off doofuses. You need to allow if it asks for access to flash player. And secondly, the content won't play in chrome if you have ad block running.

  • Grumpy

    12 months ago


    How to get the problem with the adverts fixed? Don't complain to Channel 5, they obviously don't give a.... Complain to the people paying for the advertising instead.

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  • Joey

    1 year ago


    Unbelievably poor service from Ch5 and The Gadget Show. All I cn watch is an ad for Google Chrome, then it stops. Come on guys, get it sorted. Billy, learn to write in English.

  • RobertKettle

    1 year ago


    BBC iplayer, Channel 4 and ITV Player all work better than this site, please can you fix this. It's frustratingly awful.

  • DrAdamski

    1 year ago


    The person running this website needs the sack. Its not working properly. The Gadget Show? Embarrassing.

  • non of your buisness

    1 year ago

    non of your buisness

    why so many ads????? #angry #confused

  • Z

    1 year ago


    Tried to watch this in Google Chrome 26 and it came up with an infobar message saying 'Flash Player on this website would like access to your computer: Allow / Deny' Of course I click 'Deny' because there is no reason why C5 should have access to system info unless they explicitly stated this somewhere on their site. Now the video refuses to play at all, the player spitting out this message: 'This player is unable to play this protected content at this time.' How silly that a technology show that prides itself on its coverage of the latest and most intriguing devices and ideas in electronics to be hosted on a broken service like C5 and Demand 5. Fix this please.

  • Barry Drewitt-Barlow

    1 year ago

    Barry Drewitt-Barlow

    If only Demand5 had an iPhone app...oh wait...

  • billy

    1 year ago


    ur shtopid websyt wnt wurk so i cnt woch it nd i rly wont 2 woch it so can u fix da sownd bcos my mum sed it woz wel gd and she keps torkin abot it nd i duno wot shes torkin abot nd i neva tork 2 her cos she dusnt luv me dat much so if i woch dis mb shee wil lyk mee nd i can tork 2 her init

  • bilee baba

    1 year ago

    bilee baba

    it stil aint wrkin. y aint it werkin??

  • bilee

    1 year ago


    Da sownd aint wurkin

  • G-Show Fan

    1 year ago

    G-Show Fan

    Great stuff!! Love the elec jet pack! And seriously, for iPhone owners, it might be worth getting a proper phone, not a fashion accessory that you can't control :)

  • Jack Evison

    1 year ago

    Jack Evison

    Replicators were in both Star Trek and Stargate. Replicators in Stargate were insestuous mechanical maniacs with an overdose of Duracell. In Star Trek replicators made matter out of other matter. In this case the reference to replicator is to 3D model printing and therefore Jason is correct and a wise geek ;)

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  • KeithHumpage

    1 year ago


    Jason you need to either forfeit your Geek title or do a challenge for saying the replicators are from Star Trek when there from Stargate. Bad Geek!!!!!!

  • Ellis

    1 year ago


    iPhone doesn't and never will have flash player, optimise! mobile site please ? just wanna watch gadget show "/

  • Matt

    1 year ago


    Works fine.

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  • Steve griffiths

    1 year ago

    Steve griffiths

    whats the point of an on demand service that wont supply what you demand. Maybe just refer to it as a pot luck service

  • Luke

    1 year ago


    Won't play on iphone 5. Seriously?

  • Chanco

    1 year ago


    Ironic that a technology show is hosted on a website that doesn't seem fit for purpose. Giving up and going back to Auntie.........

  • euan

    1 year ago


    Put it on the nexus 7

  • Mr sad person

    1 year ago

    Mr sad person

    not available. on nexus 7:(

  • Kien Bennett

    1 year ago

    Kien Bennett

    Hi, this is not on The Demand 5 app so please put it up there.

  • or

    1 year ago


    no one cares

  • bob

    1 year ago


    i cannot watch it i am going out