16 - Episode 5: Christmas Special

Episode 5: Christmas Special

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Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward set out to bring viewers the biggest pile of tech they have ever seen in one show, cramming in over 75 gadgets perfect for Christmas into 60 adrenaline-packed minutes!

Jason and Pollyanna are looking into some of the must-have gadgets on everyone’s shopping list this Christmas. First on their list is Apple’s latest foray into the tablet market – the iPad mini. Then they take to the skies in London’s Emirates Air Line cable car, bringing along the Amazon Kindle Fire HD to see how it fares.

Next they check out the latest gaming titles on the move in their bespoke gaming wagon, which is decked out with the latest consoles on multiple screens. Reviews include Nintendo’s brand new Wii U, Xbox 360’s Smart Glass, Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Call of Duty and PS3 slim, not to mention children’s games and the PlayStation Playbook.

From there, they are off to the circus to test the latest high-end televisions from Panasonic, Sony and Samsung –with the help of some jugglers, fire-breathers, motorcyclists and some very special budgies! The fun continues with Jason and Polly next turning their attention to the latest gadgets for the home, including the Phillips Hue, the latest set top box called YouView and a very cool microwave called the Spoutnic!

They even have time to pack in a video-diary review of the latest smartphones, including the iPhone 5,
Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 1X+.Finally, they are off to Santa’s grotto where they ask a focus group of children to test a haul of toys, including the latest offerings from Hot Wheels, Furby and Attacknids, this year’s must-have fighting robot.


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