16 - Episode 1: Wales

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This week’s action-packed hour of consumer gadget-testing makes the most of Wales’s dramatic natural surroundings. Jason and Pollyanna race around the Welsh countryside on two immensely powerful quad bikes. As they get covered in mud in the process, they have the perfect opportunity to find out whether the next generation of hi-tech washer-driers can get their clothes clean again.

In the Porth Yr Ogof caves, they explore the pitch black labyrinth of underground rivers and narrow passageways. Their only equipment is 16 torches, as they are there to determine the best value AAA batteries you can buy, but as they travel deeper into the cave network they find that their torches fail with alarming speed…

They also decide to test the comfort of in-ear headphones by rolling down a Welsh hillside inside a huge inflatable Spheroball. Next, they check out the headphones’ sound quality by visiting St Donat’s castle to listen to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finalists, Only Boys Aloud.

The musical theme continues as they try out a highly addictive Soulo Karaoke app on the iPad as well as the astonishing Alphasphere, a ball with 48 keypads that lets you create your own musical compositions.

Later, it is pouring with rain when Jason and Pollyanna arrive at Cardiff Bay, but they are delighted to find three entry-level smartphones that prove to be incredible value for money.

Finally, they go where no Gadget Show has ever gone before – to the edge of space. They send three tiny HD action cameras up in a weather balloon to film the stratosphere in temperatures of minus 40 degrees. Whether they will ever see the footage depends on whether they can track the cameras after the balloon pops and the cameras hurtle back down to earth at speeds of up to 300miles an hour.

Also featured in the show are wrist-wearable fitness gadgets and a visit to The Gadget Show competition’s biggest ever winner, to deliver her £39,000 worth of prizes.



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