16 - Episode 11: Best of Europe

Episode 11: Best of Europe

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Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward have travelled all over the world, testing a huge range of consumer gadgets in their own exhilarating, entertaining and adrenaline-fuelled style. This week the spotlight is on their adventures in Europe.

In the Italian Alps, Jason and Polly test 360-degree camera attachments and Jason gives a 31-wheel rollerblade suit a spin. In Switzerland, Polly takes a death-defying leap from the Contra Dam to test smart TVs, while in France Jason tests a superhero like fly-board water rocket and drives a car with a 3D TV strapped to the windscreen.

Iceland is the scenic backdrop to their race between a remote-controlled car and a nitrous fuelled four-wheel V8 offroader, while in fashionable Cannes they bring along a full-size robotic Jason which takes the MIPCOMTV festival by storm.

Though Jason and Polly love being hands-on, there have been times on this show where it has been necessary to be strictly hands-off. In Germany, they are offered a lift in a car that drives itself, while in Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park they have to rely on two unmanned drones with built-in cameras to capture the stunning scenery.

Finally back on their home turf, they have fun creating paintball graffiti art in London, before setting off for Wales, where they send three tiny HD action cameras to the edge of space in order to film the stratosphere.



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  • Jamie Doyle

    11 months ago

    Jamie Doyle

    Channel 5. I can never watch a full episode on-line. I get sick of the adverts. Do we not get enough of that crap on TV without having it on-line as well?! If I was able to record it on-line I could edit out all the Ads. Perhaps that's why you don't have a Record Button.

  • eduardo

    12 months ago


    What a shame the video cannot be viewed from Brazil...I believe a "show" like this should be available to watch from every location, no matter the country!

  • stuart wynne

    1 year ago

    stuart wynne

    once again i would sugest a yung presenter to get the teenagers point for gadgets ? glad i am not paying for a licence for re runs ihope to god gadget show in april is better than all this ?

  • Matthew

    over 1 year ago


    Good view during the Bungee jump! not the scenery ;)

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  • mariuca

    over 1 year ago


    I just saw the episode with the camera to film the stratosphere. It is not very clear for me if that device can interfere with the planes flying around. Do you need an authorization to do that kind of experiment? Thanks.Alina

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