16 - Episode 12: Best of the World

Episode 12: Best of the World

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The programme begins with Jason and Pollyanna in Dubai, where they create a robotic jockey named ‘Monkey Boy’ to enter in an exciting camel race. In the USA, the intrepid pair take to riding jet skis on the Hudson river in order to test Bluetooth headsets. Polly puts a set of mind-controlled cat ears to the test, while Jason attempts to operate a mind-controlled skateboard in California.

In Israel, Jason and Polly create a fan-powered skateboard to take along to the Kinnernet Convention, which attracts scientists and gadget geeks from all over the world. Finally in Japan, they stress-test laptop cases to near-destruction, meet Telesar V (the world’s most advanced tele-existence robot) and build a fighting robot to enter in a competition.


  • 17 - Episode 1

    Rachel and Jason put noise-cancelling headphones to test at Spaghetti Junction.


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