16 - Episode 12: Best of the World

Episode 12: Best of the World

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The programme begins with Jason and Pollyanna in Dubai, where they create a robotic jockey named ‘Monkey Boy’ to enter in an exciting camel race. In the USA, the intrepid pair take to riding jet skis on the Hudson river in order to test Bluetooth headsets. Polly puts a set of mind-controlled cat ears to the test, while Jason attempts to operate a mind-controlled skateboard in California.

In Israel, Jason and Polly create a fan-powered skateboard to take along to the Kinnernet Convention, which attracts scientists and gadget geeks from all over the world. Finally in Japan, they stress-test laptop cases to near-destruction, meet Telesar V (the world’s most advanced tele-existence robot) and build a fighting robot to enter in a competition.


  • 17 - Episode 1

    Rachel and Jason put noise-cancelling headphones to test at Spaghetti Junction.

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Comments (14)

  • tony

    4 months ago


    I would like to see a show on gaming laptops and 4k laptops whats new for gaming laptops

  • Richard Torres

    11 months ago

    Richard Torres

    video play is very jerky but no problem on my ps3

  • psy4321

    1 year ago


    it is so cool i like the scooter the best

  • ben

    1 year ago


    can you do one about gaming laptops and pc's please because i have to agree with stephen on this one the last series was much better than this series

  • ben

    1 year ago


    could they at least do one about gaming laptops and pc's I thinl i agree with stephen on this one

  • jim

    1 year ago


    never has a good show got so bad so quick

  • alfie hall

    1 year ago

    alfie hall

    lol im in the navy .l. 69

  • garry

    1 year ago


    this is basicly a repeat i have seen all this once, brig back Suzzie

  • ian

    1 year ago


    i like the show,its entertainment and tech,not just a geek show.

  • g hall

    1 year ago

    g hall

    yes i agree indeed get back to the studio and get suzi back much missed.

  • johnloftus

    1 year ago


    Polly's a pain in the arse , she's wormed her way in because she is pretty, and the producers think that's what we want to see! Get it back to its roots inside the studio and bring back Susie, in stead of the airhead blonde

  • Simon

    1 year ago


    Where have the rest of the presenters gone? And what's the point jetting off to exotic locations for tests that can obviously done in the uk. Nothing new, no interesting information, nothing useful or useable info for everyday life. Pointless and contrived

  • amazingthings

    1 year ago


    Trying to enter the competition is not easy. WHERE ARE THE LINKS TO IT?? This the second time I've tried to enter and stil no joy. It's now very expensive to text your answers with your mobile so if I can;t find it easy on-line then I'll probably not bother again, except maybe by post occasionaly. I also agree with Stephens comments above, the standards are dropping and I don't watch it live. I record it and watch it later so I can fast forward it during the boring bits for there seems to be more of them, especially the inane screaming bits from the two presenters. I thought it was better with the four presenters would seemed to have more diverse opinions which matched a wider viewer base.

  • Stephen

    1 year ago


    Another compilation, I think this is the worst series so far, the last was pretty poor and we seem to just be watching and supporting Polly and Jason to travel the world on one big holiday. Didn't watch the last episode and won't watch this.