16 - Episode 2: Iceland

Episode 2: Iceland

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This week’s action-packed hour of consumer gadget-testing takes place in beautiful Iceland. Jason and Pollyanna begin their journey on the ocean to test out the latest binoculars as they search for Moby Dick on a whale-watching tour.

Back on dry land they utilise the country’s natural beauty to test two pieces of geothermal technology. They also head to the Thingvellir National Park to get to grips with two unmanned aerial vehicles with built-in cameras as they attempt to capture some breath taking scenery.

In Reykjavik city centre, their gadget-testing is all about ‘bang for your buck’. Jason and Pollyanna take a look at three of the best budget laptops around and put them through their paces, before spending a day at the impressive Verne Global Data Storage Centre to compare the fast-growing cloud storage solutions.

Despite the tranquil landscape, Iceland gets its high-adrenaline fix in the form of off-road driving, which involves drivers climbing hills at an almost vertical angle! Pollyanna and Jason laugh in the face of danger and in true ‘Gadget Show’ style mod-up their very own radio-controlled off-roader and travel to a volcanic mountainside to race against the full-size mean machine known as ‘Turfer’.



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