15 - Episode 4

Episode 4

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Jason and Suzi attempt to do something they never thought possible – present the show virtually. Suzi explores the possibilities offered by motion capture in creating an entirely computer-generated version of herself. But she soon discovers that there are too many limitations with the technology as it stands, so she assembles a team of boffins to help her develop it further – and do something never done on British TV before. Can she beam a virtual version of herself, which reacts to her every word and
movement, to the studio in real-time? Jason, on the other hand, explores the world of robotics and starts to wonder whether he could build an intelligent robotic version of himself to take his place on the Gadget Show sofa.

It is a journey that sees him explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, and he eventually builds a machine that both looks and sounds like him. As the studio filming day approaches, the presenters race against time to get their technological creations up and running. But, as the cameras roll, will virtual Suzi and robot Jason do their creators proud and
deliver a stellar performance?

Also this week, Jon road tests sound systems, Pollyanna takes an underwater journey and Ortis reviews the latest must-have gadget toys.


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  • roriOraps

    11 months ago


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  • heinrick swartz

    3 years ago

    heinrick swartz

    what a stupid surround sound test. Totally unfair as you can't get a good sound outside! Just stupid!

  • mohammed

    3 years ago



  • Pasl

    3 years ago


    A surround sound test outside??? Thats a joke!

  • omglol

    3 years ago


    Pollyanna look nice in that swim suit!!:D

  • Cuzy

    3 years ago


    come on guys get back to the gadgets that will be used by most people in normal places, the home , car ,on the move. too many poinless gadgets that most people dont care for or will ever think or using. come back to basic that we want to know about

  • Ben

    3 years ago


    wow... testing surround sound systems outside, a new level of pointlessness; they are designed to be used indoors, where the sound will bounce back off of walls and fill the room. Also agree that they need to actually play with some more real "gadgets"

  • Jimmy

    3 years ago


    wow, where can I buy an iball3 from?

  • Amy :)

    3 years ago

    Amy :)

    where's the competition?

  • mandy

    3 years ago


    not a fair test for the Bose as it is not designed for outdoor use if they had looked at the product properly they would have seen that this system is calibrated to the shape and size of the room using adapt iq system so using it outside was unfair and untrue

  • Proto

    3 years ago


    I should recognise it but I can't identify the music in the segment that begins at 34:22; anyone know it?

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  • david cole-wilkin

    3 years ago

    david cole-wilkin

    get back to gadjets of interest you know like hi def tv,cameras still and vid,ipads and all the cheaper but better ones out there and not just the stuff sold at dixons real electro marvels for the commom man not the fanfair of junk your spuwing out now and truly who cares if a cgi or robot can present and the robot was better but dixons dont sell them but do have comps that can run cgi go figure y that won then.

  • cherly cole

    3 years ago

    cherly cole

    FREAKY.I rerlly wanted a go on the sub thingy m bob

  • Jordan (Is Awesome) Brill

    3 years ago

    Jordan (Is Awesome) Brill

    LOL At that guy in the motion capture place using team viewer

  • uhhuh

    3 years ago


    dis didnt even start men

  • STFU

    3 years ago



  • david ross

    3 years ago

    david ross

    Good Show...Ostis was like a child in a sweetshop at the toy-fair and made me wish I was there, want to try that underwater transport that Pollyanna was on. Finally, Suzie and Jason jobs are save...for a long-time yet.

  • dozer

    3 years ago


    this is wicked!

  • david beckham

    3 years ago

    david beckham

    where is it

  • juanjarroyo

    3 years ago


    come on where is it, waiting to catch it online still no show!!

  • waz

    3 years ago


    Cant wait