14 - Episode 5

Episode 5

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Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley join forces to turn a traditional seaside bed and breakfast into an automated hotel. Their new-look establishment will be packed with state-of-the-art gadgetry designed to fulfil a guest’s every need. A real-life tourism inspector will then judge their efforts. Jon Bentley and Pollyanna Woodward head off to Singapore for the spectacular annual River Festival to test out the best one-touch camcorders on the market. Closer to home, Jason Plato takes to the streets and hops on buses, taxis and rickshaws to select his top five computer games to play whilst on the move. Also, Ortis slaps on his Speedos to check out the PowerSki Jetboard – a powered surfboard capable of speeds of 40mph. Ortis’s unusual choice of surfing destination is Sweden, which has ample quantities of the ‘flat’ water for which the board is designed. Unfortunately for Ortis, however, things do not go entirely to plan.


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