15 - Episode 7

Series 15 Episode 7

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Suzi and Pollyanna become self-appointed army generals as they set about assembling a formidable paintball force. But theirs is not just any group of foot soldiers – every single member of the unit is robotic. These mechanical marvels include remotely operated aerial drones and heatseeking sentinels, all built using cutting-edge technology. To ensure that Suzi and Pollyanna stay out of the line of fire, they command their unique squad from a specially designed bunker.

Elsewhere, Jon meets expert baker Paul Hollywood, star judge on ‘The Great British Bake Off’. As well as running his own successful business which supplies such high-profile clients as Harrods, Paul has also worked as head baker at the Dorchester in London. The unlikely pair join forces to test the ultimate in kitchen equipment,the bread maker. After hand-picking the newest models on the market, Jon and Paul attempt to find out whether these machines are capable of baking a loaf that is up to artisan standards.

Meanwhile Pollyanna jets off to the States to test-drive a car designed for blind drivers. Once she is blindfolded, Pollyanna must rely on her other senses as she takes on a purpose-built obstacle course at speeds of up to 25mph. And, Ortis puts himself in the frame as he discovers the top five ways to display digital photographs.


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