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Convicted on a drugs charge, money-obsessed attorney Nick Fallin must complete community service in the challenging and disturbing world of Children's Legal Services. Can he strike a balance between his two jobs, ditch his ego and cope with the harrowing cases he is given?


  • Season 3 - Episode 22: Antarctica

    Nick takes a job at another law firm, new evidence comes to light in the Taliek Allen case and Lulu gives birth to a girl but must make a difficult decision.

  • Season 3 - Episode 21: Blood In, Blood Out

    As Nick's community service comes to an end, he faces a vote on his future at Fallin & Fallin.

  • Season 3 - Episode 20: The Vote

    Nick is put in a difficult position when his father gets involved in an intimate relationship with a rival during the vote for partnership of the firm.

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