• Episode 22: Antarctica

    Nick takes a job at another law firm, new evidence comes to light in the Taliek Allen case and Lulu gives birth to a girl but must make a difficult decision.

  • Episode 21: Blood In, Blood Out

    As Nick's community service comes to an end, he faces a vote on his future at Fallin & Fallin.

  • Episode 20: The Vote

    Nick is put in a difficult position when his father gets involved in an intimate relationship with a rival during the vote for partnership of the firm.

  • Episode 19: Remember

    The police force Alvin to turn over files from his child clients in the hope of solving murders involving paedophiles, while Nick defends an abused teenager.

  • Episode 18: The Bachelor Party

    Nick is stunned to learn that Alvin is terminally ill, but the pair try to lighten the mood and live life to the full during a weekend in LA.

  • Episode 17: The Watchers

    Nick and Burton's investigation into Shannon's disappearance leads them into the dark world of child pornography.

  • Episode 16: Sparkle

    As Nick works on a case involving an unwanted foster child, Shannon helps her biological father steal jewellery from Burton's house.

  • Episode 15: Without Consent

    Nick must decide who gets custody of a boy who caught his mother having sex with one of his classmates. Meanwhile, Lulu sets up a trust fund for her baby.

  • Episode 14: All Is Mended

    When Lulu learns that her unborn baby has Down's Syndrome, she and Nick must decide whether to continue with the pregnancy.

  • Episode 13: Amends

    As Alvin accuses him of rushing his recovery, Nick takes on the case of a bus driver whose crash may have been caused by his reaction to a racist passenger.

  • Episode 12: Beautiful Blue Mystic

    Nick returns to his drug-abusing ways, but when he has a bad trip it forces him to confront some uncomfortable memories from his childhood.

  • Episode 11: Legacy

    Nick comes to the aid of a man whose father killed his boss, while Burton helps the victim's son become company CEO.

  • Episode 10: Swimming

    With his father undergoing heart surgery, Nick teams up with a social worker to help a victim of extreme disciplinary measures at a teen boot camp.

  • Episode 9: Let God Sort'em Out

    Let God Sort 'Em Out. Nick takes on the case of a teenager who wants to stay with his dying grandfather, even though they have been evicted from their home. (9/22)

  • Episode 8: Believe

    As Nick struggles to find a home for two young children with HIV, his and Lulu's lives are changed forever when she discovers she is pregnant with his child.

  • Episode 7: Hazel Park

    Burton takes the case of a mother who wants to put her baby up for adoption despite objections from the dad, and an old client accused of theft asks for help.

  • Episode 6: Let's Spend The Night Together

    As Jake learns his parents want a divorce, his father also tells him a secret, while Nick and Lulu struggle to keep their love life private.

  • Episode 5: Shame

    Nick is desperate to collect outstanding debts from rogue clients, while Lulu's estranged father comes looking for money.

  • Episode 4: The Father-Daughter Dance

    Nick helps a couple sue a fertility clinic where the doctors appear to have implanted the wrong embryo into the mother's womb.

  • Episode 3: The Line

    Alvin goes behind Lulu's back to delay her move to Berkeley, while Nick is caught in the middle when a man and his son seek a merger of a family department store.

  • Episode 2: Big Coal

    Nick takes on the case of a young woman suffering from cancer who is having trouble getting her insurance company to pay her medical bills.

  • Episode 1: Carnival

    Burton attempts to straighten things out with Shannon, while Nick fears the man his father beat up may talk to the police, putting his job in jeopardy.