The Hotel Inspector

Alex Polizzi is back

The Hotel Inspector will return for a ninth series this summer.

Alex Polizzi

Hoteliers of Britain beware - Alex Polizzi is back! The Hotel Inspector will return to Channel 5 this summer.

The ninth series of the show will see Alex back on her quest to transform some of Britain’s most desperate hotels and B&Bs into successful business concerns.

From a naturist hotel in a residential suburb of Birmingham, to a grand hotel in Eastbourne run by a flamboyant real-life Sheikh and a 600 year-old Inn in St Albans supposedly haunted by a Tudor ghost, Alex is faced with some of her biggest challenges yet.

Along the way, The Hotel Inspector encounters eye-popping décor, questionable cleanliness and families fighting amongst themselves. She’s also tasked with turning round the fortunes of a hotel described by one reviewer as "The Fawlty Towers of Essex".

Alex will also revisit two hotels from previous series - the African Queen, a floating canal boat on the Thames, and the Walpole Bay in Margate, to see whether her words have been turned into profits.

Confirming the news, Alex said: "I am delighted to be returning as the Hotel Inspector for this new series. As ever, I promise to expose the real problems within the hotel industry and possibly a little more besides. Maybe viewers will get the chance to see my cheeky side too." We can't wait!

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  • Jimothy Dringle

    almost 2 years ago

    Jimothy Dringle

    It's scheduled for airing August 16th, 9pm

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  • geraint

    almost 2 years ago


    "I mean honestly, Dhaaaaaaling"... can't wait

  • Ant

    almost 2 years ago


    Why is this website so bad at telling you when the new programmes are on, if they don't know could they not just say 'coming soon' so annoying.

  • Barry Walsh

    almost 2 years ago

    Barry Walsh

    When will the episode from the White Harte in St. Albans be shown. Stayed there many times of the recent years and was there during the filming.

  • Andy

    almost 2 years ago


    When is it on though?