Series 9 - Godolphin Arms Hotel, Newquay

Godolphin Arms Hotel, Newquay

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71-year-old Margaret Ashwood has been running the three-star Godolphin Arms Hotel in Newquay for the past 29 years. Employing 20 staff and enjoying a 70% occupancy rate, the hotel is full to the rafers with coach tours for most of the year.

All this sounds good in theory, except for the fact that the hotel hasn’t been making any money for years. Margaret has been scratching her head in search of answers and profits, but to no avail. She has called in Alex for help.

It isn't long before the Hotel Inspector uncovers the problem. Margaret is not charging guests enough for their stay. She discovers that Margaret runs the hotel like an extension of her home, charging coach tours just £19 a head for dinner, bed, breakfast and evening entertainment.

Alex demands that Margaret starts acting more like a businesswoman, charging for extras such as towels and wi-fi, and considers attracting more families to the hotel. Margaret confesses that the hotel is her life – the staff members are largely family and friends – and the thought of charging more fills her with dread. But if the hotel doesn’t start making some real money soon, she might not have much choice...



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