Series 9 - The Caspian, West London

The Caspian, West London

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Alex travels to The Caspian, a 10-bedroom hotel owned and run by former beautician Nousha Samari and her son Samander. The Samaris left their Persian home more than 40 years ago, drawn to London's bright lights and the prestige of running their own hotel. But after more than four decades in the hospitality business, they have seen dwindling profits and lacklustre trade.

The hotel’s very own dolls’ house museum might be Nousha’s pride and joy, but like the hotel’s function room, it has failed to attract the desired clientele. With an occupancy rate of just 10 per cent, the stress of keeping the business afloat is beginning to show between mother and son, leaving the Samaris stressed out and dissatisfied.

When Alex arrives, she discovers outdated décor, questionable cleanliness and a non-existent breakfast. Can she inspire the Samaris to bring their business up to date, attract more tourists and improve their miserable occupancy rate? Or will The Caspian sink without a trace?


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