Series 9 - Clover Spa, Birmingham

Clover Spa, Birmingham

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Clover Spa is a seven-bedroom hotel and spa, owned and run by 56-year-old Tim Higgs. Tim has been a naturist for more than 30 years, and after a career as a farmer decided to take the plunge and become a hotelier, opening up Britain’s first ‘elite’ naturist retreat.

But Tim’s drea mof allowing his naturist guests to let it all hang out has hit his bottom line. Despite attracting guests to use his spa facilities during the day, he is struggling to attract people to stay the night. When Alex arrives she is shocked to discover that Tim insists his guests remain naked throughout their stay, in every part of the hotel, including the lounge and restaurant area. And Alex is no exception!

Tim and Alex soon clash, with Alex insisting that Tim’s strict and uncompromising no-clothes dress code is putting offmore people than it attracts. With debts rising but Timrefusing to budge on his full-time naturist principles, can Alex convince him tomake some changes before he loses his shirt?



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