Series 9 - Walpole Bay, Margate

Walpole Bay, Margate

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Three years ago, Alex visited the Walpole Bay in Margate, owned by the Bishop family. Part hotel, part museum, the Walpole Bay presented Alex with one of her most formidable adversaries in the form of mum Jane, whom Alex claimed ran the hotel “like her personal fiefdom…”

If the hotel was to improve, Alex demanded Jane relinquish some control of the hotel to her grown-up children Justin and Domini. Alex also believed Jane had allowed her peculiar collection of objets d’art to run out of control. She demanded a cull of the bizarre assortment of dolls’ limbs and ancient milk bottles that littered the corridors.

After a painful process, Alex succeeded in transforming the museum into a more manageable collection, while the children were given more responsibility in the design and running of the hotel. But three years later, will Alex find the Walpole Bay Hotel as she left it? Or has Jane fallen back into bad habits?

Things get off to a bad start when Alex learns one of the children has now emigrated 7,000 miles away. When some secret filming reveals that much of Jane’s museum ‘junk’ seems to have returned, Alex prepares herself for another showdown.



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