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Alex Polizzi, 38, is an award-winning hotelier who was born into five-star hospitality. The daughter of hotel designer Olga Polizzi, niece of Sir Rocco Forte and granddaughter of Lord Forte, Alex has 20 years’ experience managing hotels worldwide.

She began her training at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong and went on to work for Marco Pierre White at the Criterion in London and then her uncle, Rocco.

Together with her mother, she launched the highly regarded Hotel Tresanton in St Mawes, Cornwall and is now the proprietor of Hotel Endsleigh in Devon. Back for a third series of The Hotel Inspector, she once again works her magic on Britain’s most disastrous hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Her new luxury hotels guide, Alex Polizzi’s Little Black Book of Hotels, is now available. Click here to pre-order a copy at the Amazon website.

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  • Sylvia Wright

    1 month ago

    Sylvia Wright

    I always enjoy watching Alex Polizzi, but would like to ask if she could sometime when sorting overloaded menues that some hoteliers think are necessary, could also point out that vegetarians holiday as well, and ought to be included on the menues. Thank you.

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  • maggie carlin

    over 2 years ago

    maggie carlin

    I stay in hotels and b&b's regularly in my job. I can not for the life me understand why Alex has never picked anyone up on the ATROCIOUS practise of having a sheet AND a duvet cover on the bed. When I see this this, I think, "oh my god, they only change the sheet, not the duvet cover" Sometimes the duvet cover is an 80's pattern, which is probably when they last changed it. Ditto BEDSPREADS. There should be nothing on a bed in an hotel or B&B which any other guest has lain on/ snogged on/ ****** on or done anything on without having had a hot wash the sheets, not the guest)

  • Veronica

    over 2 years ago


    Veronica I have enjoyed watching this programme but must point out that Alex Politzzi herself is, in my opinion, often much less than proffssional. Firstly, the way she is dressed is often tarty and her foul language is unacceptable. Furthermore, should should not be calling everyone "darling". She expects professionalism from her victims; - time she demonstrated some herself. No, I will not miss her, but hope the show continues. There are plenty more hotels out there badly in need of a make-over.

  • Martha

    over 2 years ago


    Hi just to say I always enjoy the Hotel Inspector and its a shame that after series seven that Alex won't be doing any more,

  • Paul Jenkins

    over 2 years ago

    Paul Jenkins

    Dear Alex Polizzi, I thoroughly enjoy watching you on the Hotel Inspector. I have stayed at a Hotel once which was a very small room with no view, and the bed was quite uncomfortable. It was like being in a bedsit, the decor was very drab, and boring. It was a rather ugly room with no creative imagination put in its designation. The Toilet was very dirty, it had not been cleaned properly as there were marks around toilet bowl. Every time the next door resident flushed the toilet it echoed through to my room which was very annoying, and noisy. The hallway was shabby and narrow. At one time the Store room door was left open with all the unwanted furniture on full display, it was a dreadful sight. I explained to the Manager that it was open and it was then closed to stop any other resident witnessing the eyesore.It was very cluttered, and dirty. I have no idea if the door was locked, I recommended it should be because it looked like a bomb had gone off there. It was clear from the Hotelier from his body language he was rather defensive so I toned the conversation down by explaining the location was very nice and that it looked really nice from the outside which made me want to stay. Although, the breakfast was free as part of the stay it was a small, dry tasteless portion. The food was clearly from tins, not freshly prepared and reheated. Sausages were very thin and hard from being over-cooked. All food very cheap, it screamed cheapness. It was rather quiet in the Hotel which did not come to any surprise.Although the Hotel looked posh from the outside, inside was not as glamourous. The only bad point about outside the Hotel was that cigarette buds were dropped right outside door entrance which looked rather common. The hallway lacked style and colour. When I watch your programme on Channel 5 this certain Hotel comes to mind immediately, it could do with a serious make over immediately. I was quite disappointed staying at the Hotel but kept my mouth shut throughout. I could never be rude by walking into Hotel and then walking back out. But I would not stay at this certain Hotel in the near future. It did not reach expectation at all. Thank you for reading

  • fiona trotter

    over 2 years ago

    fiona trotter


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  • fiona trotter

    over 2 years ago

    fiona trotter


  • Ezzy

    over 2 years ago


    why dont people listen to Alex when they call her in anyway after all she is the queen of queens.

  • Vanessa read

    almost 3 years ago

    Vanessa read

    I would also like to see a 'revisited' show just to see how they get on. Also c5 please please please can you tell me where she got her red overnight bag. Though I may not be able to afford the price tag on it lol. Would still like to know and so would many others. Ta muchly and keep up the good work x

  • Karen Stewart

    almost 3 years ago

    Karen Stewart

    It would be really interesting if Alex could go back to places she has been to in the past. I say this because I have checked out the comments about some of these hotels on TripAdvisor and they seem to have slipped back to their old ways the moment her back is turned! You can generally see a brief improvement in the reviews followed by a deterioration to where they were before.

  • Emma Parnell

    3 years ago

    Emma Parnell

    Is Alex on Twitter?