The Hotel Inspector

Series 8 suppliers - The New Lyngarth

A list of suppliers who kindly contributed to the episode of The Hotel Inspector featuring The New Lyngarth.

Series 8 suppliers - The New Lyngarth

Warings Furniture
Bedroom chairs, coffee table

Bedside tables, chest of drawers

AM Curtains & Blind Design
Curtain maker

Blind fabric

English Heritage

Essex Flame Proofing
Fabric flame proofing

Headboards and Interiors
Upholstered headboards

Martin Bundy
Painter, decorator, carpenter

Curtain, chair and headboard fabric

Vita Audio
Digital radio

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  • Georgie

    over 2 years ago


    Alex has come across lots of different characters in her time whom are misguided etc. However, I found this hotelier a hideous, bigoted little man. Despite Alex's improvements I hope I never have to find myself staying in one of his establishments despite probably being one of the types of guests he would 'approve of'. He didn't deserve Alex's help.

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  • Steve

    over 2 years ago


    After watching The Hotel Inspector, quite frankly I find your comments shocking, to criticize one of the rooms that Alex refurbished was downright insulting to say the very least... this coming from someone who clearly has shocking taste in interior decoration himself is quite ironic ! To change the name to Bentleys and add reference to the car of that name clearly couldn't be more wide of the mark, its laughable Your reference to gays and shite end of the market, is somewhat derogatory and insulting, and probably single handedly alienated yourself from one of the most densely populated and visited gay places in the country, as a gay man myself I have extremely high standards of what I expect when searching for accommodation and your hotel falls well short of anywhere I would ever choose to stay