• Episode 10: Birmingham

    Lindsey looks for love.

  • Episode 9: Swindon

    Strong-minded Sabi has four dates lined up, including a children’s entertainer and an aspiring personal trainer.

  • Episode 8: Cardiff

    The Love Bus heads to Cardiff, where Becky is hoping to meet her perfect mate. The lucky lads include a a snake enthusiast and an opinionated radio DJ.

  • Episode 7: Folkestone

    29-year-old party girl Naomi boards the big pink Love Bus to tell Zöe about her relationship woes.

  • Episode 6: Windsor

    In Royal Windsor, graduate Sarah is looking for love.

  • Episode 5: London

    The big pink Love Bus heads to London.

  • Episode 4: Liverpool

    Stephanie hitches a ride on the Love Bus in Liverpool.

  • Episode 3: Nottingham

    Lucky Craig from Nottingham meets a red-hot line-up of single ladies.

  • Episode 2: Bristol

    The Love Bus heads to Bristol.

  • Episode 1: Manchester

    Boxing fanatic Sergio from Manchester hops on the Love Bus.