The Lying Game

Episode 11 in pictures

Spoiler alert! There's plenty of drama in store as The Lying Game returns from its mid-season break.

The wait is over Lying Game fans - the first season continues on 5* this September.

Picking up from where the last episode left off, Emma has gone through with her plan to pretend to be Sutton at Sutton’s own birthday party. Thinking that the hooded character spotted in the shadows may be Sutton preparing to blow the whole ruse wide open, Emma goes racing outside to find that it is actually Annie Sewell, the estranged sister of Char’s mum Phylis.

Annie explains that she wants to move back to town following the breakdown of her marriage. Having fled her hometown as an ugly duckling, she returns as a glamorous swan and wastes no time telling Ted and Alec that she wants to leave whatever happened between them in the past.

Phylis reacts to her sister's reappearance by getting extremely drunk and then getting behind the wheel of a car. She gets busted for drink-driving.

Meanwhile, the Mercer’s second car is then found to be missing and police are called to investigate. Emma, Ethan and Thayer all presume that Sutton must have taken it. While Emma gives the police a statement, Ethan plans to spend a night in the cabin, just in case Sutton returns there.

But Sutton does not show up and the next morning the missing car is found in a lake with her purse and mobile inside. Then Kristen finds a present on the path, which she gives to Emma. Inside is a piece of Sutton’s dress with a note saying: "Keep on being Sutton… or you're next."

The Lying Game returns to 5* on Thursday 6th September at 8pm.