The Lying Game

Episode 12 in pictures

Is Sutton still alive? And who is behind the threatening note sent to Emma?

There are plenty more shocks, secrets and lies to come in the twelfth episode of the hit US drama.

Emma is on edge as she continues to pose as her identical twin, who is still missing. The arrival of a neatly-wrapped box containing a fragment of Sutton’s dress and a note saying: "Keep on being Sutton…or you're next," suggests that Sutton may have been killed.

However, Thayer and Ethan recognise the packaging. It has all the hallmarks of a cruel lying game once played by Sutton on a new girl in her class. So either Sutton is still alive and up to her old tricks, or the box was from someone who knows her very well.

Despite Thayer's advice to the contrary, Emma plans to go to the police, but she soon changes her mind after overhearing a conversation between Alec and Ethan's brother Dan.

With Dan deep in Alec's debt, Emma realises that she can't trust anyone. She tries to put Sutton’s fate from her mind when she has the chance of a tennis scholarship at Texas Sutter North University.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ted may have had a hand in the death of Justin’s mom. Why is Justin carrying around a copy of her autopsy, and why does Ted hate that bracelet? Whatever happened in the past, poor Laurel is about to get her heart broken because of it.

There’s also trouble at Char's place. She’s still upset about her break with Derek and now that her mum Phyllis is going to rehab, Char is reluctantly facing the prospect of having to live with her dad. Rebecca steps up and offers to become her part-time guardian. But is she really the sympathetic aunt that she appears to be, or is there an ulterior motive?

Meanwhile, Thayer has been trying to trace Sutton's movements before her disappearance, which leads him to the psychiatric clinic.
After making a shocking discovery, he begins to suspect that something terrible could have happened.

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