The Lying Game

Episode 13 in pictures

There's spoilers aplenty in our preview of next week's episode.

Sutton's shock reappearance solves some mysteries but causes a whole new set of problems

This week’s episode continues where last week left off, with Sutton gatecrashing Emma, Ethan and Thayer's memorial for her, held after they jumped to the conclusion that she must be dead.

As it turns out, she did almost die, as she sweeps back her hair to reveal a large Harry Potter-style gash on her forehead. Although Sutton denies sending the black-and-white box, she has a history of playing pranks, and the friends are not sure what whether to believe her 

She claims that she does not remember anything about the car crash except that someone surprised her from the back seat. Annie Hobbes told her that she saw Sutton's car plunge into the lake and a young dark-haired man swimming to shore. Annie dived in and rescued her and Sutton has been holed up in Annie’s motel room ever since, as Annie panicked every time she mentioned leaving.

Ethan and Thayer are still sceptical, so Sutton takes them to Annie's motel to meet her, but she is not there. Meanwhile, there is the question of Sutton's safety to consider. Ethan hides her in his trailer while Dan (Tyler Christopher) is away on a fishing trip. Emma must continue to impersonate Sutton for the time being or her enemy will know that she is still alive.

Sutton claims that her near-death experience has changed her. After making up with Ethan, she tells Emma: "When you've been through something like I have, it changes you. And after I was attacked, I realised how badly I treated you. I just want another chance."

But Sutton soon demonstrates that she has not changed that much. She cannot resist sneaking into her old bedroom and indulging in a few home comforts while everyone is out.

She is caught by Kristin, who cannot understand why her sweet daughter has turned nasty again. Luckily, Kristin has not got the time to consider the matter as she is busy organising the annual ballet benefit.

Rebecca has stepped in to help in Phyllis's absence, which makes Ted uneasy, however she proves to be a real asset. She used to work in the music industry and gets a hip young band to play for them.

On the night of the benefit, Rebecca and Alec spend the evening flirting, Mads gets a hunky new boyfriend – British rich kid Ryan Harwell and Laurel wows everyone when she performs with the band. 

Justin is so moved that he tries to win her back, but Laurel gives him an ultimatum. "Tell me what's going on, or get the hell out of my life," she demands. At last we find out a few of Justin’s secrets, but he does not reveal them all.

Meanwhile, Sutton takes advantage of the Mercers' absence to pamper herself at home, only to be disturbed by an intruder. She flees, but opens her headwound in the process. Kristin comes across her in the street, leaving Sutton with no choice but to resume her identity and leave Emma homeless.

With Sutton back in her own home, is Emma now in danger? When Sutton meets Rebecca, will she let on that she is really Annie Hobbs? And who is the mysterious attacker? Tune in to find out.

Don't miss episode 13 of The Lying Game on Saturday 29th September at 12.10pm on 5USA.