The Lying Game

Episode 14 in pictures

Sutton takes her life back and makes some devious moves at the Black and White ball.

Sutton is back and being nasty to everyone...

Emma always knew that she was living on borrowed time when she swapped places with her twin. Now after Sutton’s surprise return last week, she has lost her new family, friends and possessions and, worst of all, she's homeless.

Things would not be so bad if Sutton was a nice person, but let's face it, she can be a selfish, vindictive little madam when she wants to be.

In one day, Sutton manages to undo all of Emma’s good work. Only Ethan was aware of the switch, so presumably her family put down her abrupt change of character down to the head wound.

She slates Emma’s dress for the upcoming Black and White ball at the country club, but is delighted when she learns that Ethan is her date – after all, she wants him back. Ethan doesn’t want to go any more, but Emma points out that any change now could make the attacker suspicious. Forced to stay out of sight, she is now living in Sutton’s cabin.

Laurel thinks she is talking to her good sis when she needs advice on her conflicting feelings about Justin. Last week he revealed that he originally got together with her to avenge his mothers’ death, which he blamed on Ted leaving the hospital mid-operation after receiving a phone call. Emma would have understood, but bad sis thinks Justin should be reported to the police.

When she tells their parents, Ted and Kristin, Laurel is furious. "I knew it was too good to be true," she shouts at Sutton. "The new leaf thing was just an act!" Kristin is upset too. That fateful phone call was news to her, although she knew that the incident caused Ted to lose his job in Los Angeles. Why won’t he tell her what it was about?

Next, Sutton shows just how loyal a friend she is. At the Black and White ball, she tells Ryan: "Just let me know when you get tired of Mads." But would he get involved with Sutton again when she got him kicked out of school in the first place?

Also at the ball, Sutton tries to kiss Ethan, who walks out on her in disgust. Meanwhile, trying to make headway with Alec, Mad’s father, Rebecca comes up with a truly scintillating flirt line: what happened to his ex-wife Caroline? Underwhelmed, he says that they had agreed not to discuss the past. "Oh, I thought we weren’t going to talk about that past," she replies, and winks. Another mystery not explained.

During the ball, Ethan’s cop brother Dan learns that Annie Hobbes has been found and is being held at Phoenix Presbyterian hospital. Sutton overhears him telling Ted and Alec, and jumps in her car to tell Emma, interrupting a romantic interlude with Ethan in the cabin. The three of them rush over to the hospital, where Emma meets Annie for the first time. But Annie's revelations turn everything the twins thought they knew upside down.

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