The Lying Game

Episode 17 in pictures

Emma and Thayer search for clues to prove Ethan's innocence.

In next week's episode of the hit US drama, Ethan continues to hide from the police at his father's reservation with Sutton.

Meanwhile, Emma and Thayer desperately search for clues which will prove his innocence. But with Alec piling pressure on Dan to bring him home, the duo will have to work fast.

Meanwhile, both Ted and Alec are not happy when Rebecca offers to help Laurel's band record a demo tape. Will the truth about their pasts finally be exposed?

Don't miss episode 17 of The Lying Game on Saturday 27th October at 12.35pm on 5USA.

Comments (2)

  • Amy

    over 1 year ago


    @tina the next episode is on Sunday 4th November at 12:00, it just keeps changing:/

  • tina

    over 1 year ago


    It says this is on Saturday at 12:35pm on five usa but it isn't coming up on my guide nor did it last week...any idea why??