Season 2 - Episode 12: Bleeding Heart

Episode 12: Bleeding Heart

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The murder of a media-relations officer at the mayor’s office unearths a web of deceit involving political corruption, ecoterrorism and jealousy. Elsewhere, a local news team films a documentary about the workings of the CBI, and Rigsby and Van Pelt reveal their relationship to the team.

The agents are called to Salter in Central Valley when the corpse of a young woman is unearthed at the launch of a major new development. A number of TV networks captured the moment that the mayor broke the ground to reveal the body of her own media-relations officer, Martha Sinclair. “The killer wanted the body to be discovered here under the glare of a lot of cameras,” reflects Jane.

At her office, Mayor Melba Shannon (Sharon Lawrence, ‘NYPD Blue’), suggests that Martha was killed by a group of ecoterrorists led by a man calling himself Jasper, from whom she and her colleagues have received a number of threats. In typical fashion, Jane immediately ruffles a few feathers and accuses the mayor of disliking the victim. “I’m not saying you killed her,” he says. “I’m just saying that you’re relieved she’s dead.”

It emerges that $10million of public funds were due to be released for the development project as soon as work began. Rumours abound that Martha planned to advise the city council to withhold the funds at a meeting due to take place the day after her death. Upon learning that wealthy developer Heaton Krupp called Martha a number of times in recent days, Rigsby and Cho pay him a visit at his office. “Sinclair was killed before she could talk to the city council,” spits Cho. “So the ten million would come to you after all,” adds Rigsby.

However, the interview is cut short when a petrol bomb comes crashing through the window. Krupp and the agents escape just in time. Graffiti sprayed outside suggests the attack was the work of Jasper. Lisbon and Jane head straight back to the mayor’s office with fresh allegations. “How big was your bribe from Heaton Krupp?” asks Jane. “You sold your approval of the project. Martha found out and was going to reveal it at the city council meeting.” “You’d better have really good personal lawyers,” spits Mayor Shannon.

Back at base, Jane heads out for lunch, only to be grabbed from the street, bundled into a van and taken to a remote cabin in the woods. His armed captor identifies himself as Jasper, but Jane accidentally lets slip that he recognises his mannerisms as those of Wilson Fontano, a senior aide from the mayor’s office. “You know who I am?” asks Fontano. “No, I have no idea – you could be Elvis Presley for all I know,” replies Jane, desperately. But the kidnapper removes his mask to reveal his true identity. “So, now we have a problem,” says Fontano, aiming a gun at his hostage’s head. Has Jane’s smart mouth landed him in trouble, or is this all part of an elaborate plot to bring Martha’s killer out into the open? Elsewhere this week, a news crew led by reporter Mike Brewster films a documentary at CBI HQ about the inner workings of Lisbon’s unit.

Brewster seems particularly interested in questioning Jane, but the consultant is oddly reticent. And Rigsby and Van Pelt reveal their relationship to the rest of the team. “The only person who didn’t know is glaring at you right now,” says Jane, referring to an angry Lisbon.



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