Season 2 - Episode 14: Blood In, Blood Out

Episode 14: Blood In, Blood Out

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The murder of a gang member in Oakland forces Cho to confront his murky past. It emerges that the victim was an old friend of Cho’s – and the agent is willing to go to extreme lengths to exact revenge.

Cho and Jane head out to Oakland when a call comes in from local cops. The cellphone records of a murdered Chinese gang member show that he contacted Cho before his death. Upon seeing the dead man’s face, Cho immediately identifies him as David Seung, a member of Cho’s old gang, the Avon Park Playboys. Since his release from jail six months ago, Seung has been leaving messages on Cho’s phone asking for help. “What’s the story? Why did he call you for help?” asks Jane. “We used to be best friends,” replies Cho. “He was like my brother.”

Back at HQ, the victim’s mother drops in to ask Cho to take on her son’s case, claiming that he turned his back on gang life and was going straight. Cho is initially reluctant to revisit his past, but Jane persuades him to reconsider. The pair head out to Cho’s old stomping ground and meet some of his former associates. One gang member confirms that Seung wanted out after leaving prison but says that he also recently contacted leader KS to set up a deal. The gangster adds that KS is still angry with Cho. “What did you do to make him mad?” asks Jane as the pair leave the neighbourhood. “I shot him,” replies Cho.

Later that evening, Cho is at his girlfriend’s flat when two masked gunmen burst through the door. After shouting a warning to stay out of gang business, the men cuff Cho and beat up his girlfriend. Lisbon arrives at the scene and assures Cho that she will bring the men to justice. However, Cho is not listening. After removing his badge, he drives back to Oakland. With the help of some dubious tactics, he locates KS and demands some information. The gang leader admits that Seung recently bought a large quantity of cocaine from him but insists he has had no other contact with him since and had no reason to kill him. To Cho’s surprise, Jane concludes that KS is telling the truth. “I think he’s clean for this,” he says. “David bought $5,000-worth of cocaine. He didn’t sell and he wasn’t using. Think simple –who got the drugs?” Thanks to some background work by Van Pelt and Rigsby, Jane soon gets his answer. It transpires that Adam Reed, a sleazy boss at the private-equity firm where Seung worked as a janitor, blackmailed the ex-gangster into buying the drugs for him. Could the boss have killed Seung in order to protect his dark secret? And what power could Reed have had over Seung to make him risk his freedom?

Jane, Cho and Rigsby head to the firm’s offices to talk to Reed. However, a furious Cho starts to play rough. “Hey, Cho – you’ve got to take it down a notch!” says Rigsby. “We need him to confess,” spits Cho, grabbing Reed round the throat and slapping him. “You went to my girlfriend’s apartment, you punched her in the face and you killed my friend. Admit it!” When a terrified Reed claims to know nothing of Seung’s death, Cho picks him up and drags him into the car park. The other agents attempt to follow, but find that Cho has secured the doors from the outside. After a struggle, they eventually manage to catch up with Cho, only to witness him apparently shoot Reed dead. Has the agent exacted deadly revenge over his friend’s death, or is this another of Jane’s elaborate tricks?



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