Season 3 - Episode 12: Bloodhounds

Episode 12: Bloodhounds

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A criminal profiler is attached to the CBI to help investigate the murders of two women. While she believes that the killings are the work of a dormant serial killer, Jane disagrees and sets out to deliberately muddy the waters and prove her theories false.


  • Season 3 - Episode 13: Red Alert

    The team investigate the death of a film-maker. As they make links to an older murder case, Jane is taken hostage by the prime suspect.


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Comments (25)

  • mtsrdr

    3 years ago


    Scrw this, i've had to reload the page 5 times, and watch the stupid comercial every time. And I have still only gotten less than 7 minutes in to the episode. I'm going to watch this somewhere else, where they know how set up streaming so that it works....;/

  • Cooldude

    3 years ago


    Sly Jane, just sly XD

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  • John

    3 years ago


    Why can you only watch 3 episodes?you can't watch the full season?

  • Con

    3 years ago


    Beth, do you realise that you've just wrote that on a page for Season 3 Episode 12, therefore everybody saw what you are referring to a long time ago...

  • Beth

    3 years ago


    Red John gets shown in series 2 episode 23 he wears this really freaky mask but it's awesome

  • Mr Drayton

    3 years ago

    Mr Drayton

    this crap, it doesn't work

  • teresa

    3 years ago


    i wish the had more competitions

  • AnnaCalveary220

    3 years ago


    I love the Mentalist

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  • melody

    3 years ago


    this is bob. They can't even be arsed to put a an episode on at the right time. Great show though :)

  • Susan

    3 years ago


    The more i watch, the more i begin to think that Red John is someone we already know?

  • me101

    3 years ago


    love the mentalist!!!

  • Answer

    3 years ago


    lazmac84 If you mean you missed Episode 11: Bloodsport then look again, it is stil there to view, just not the top of the list.

  • sharon

    3 years ago


    Loving the Mentalist, carn't wait for episode 13 thanks five for bring the Mentalist back :)

  • Bill Antrofski

    3 years ago

    Bill Antrofski

    2 B on-est I fort this episohd was not as gud as the other ones :(

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  • Pooky

    3 years ago


    I love the Mentalist. It always makes me smile.

  • lazmac84

    3 years ago


    Well done demand five for putting an episode online a week too early so spent whole episode confused by references to a previous episode I had not seen! Will now have to wait for repeat on fiver to catch up properly! You make me wait months for an episode and then show me the wrong one on catch up, helpful.

  • mary

    3 years ago


    like jane, he is so funny.shame cant watch the others

  • alice

    3 years ago


    when does the new season start does anyone know??

  • Keiran

    3 years ago


    season 3 awesome

  • Michael Turner

    3 years ago

    Michael Turner

    very happy season five is back, thank you Five

  • veela

    3 years ago


    another fab ep, just love this show and patrick jane of course

  • Con

    3 years ago


    Second and im guessing last occasion in which FIVE are putting this out online a week before it broadcasts. I myself, like the majority of others, preferr to wait for TV on Friday. Looking forward to this ep, the promo looks funny!