Season 2 - Episode 16: Code Red

Episode 16: Code Red

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Episode 16: Code Red

Jane is at CBI HQ when he receives an urgent call from Dr Alicia Seberg, a scientist based at a high- security biological research facility. “I need your professional assistance,” she says. “Please come immediately –I’ve been murdered.” It emerges that Alicia arrived at work as normal and entered her secure laboratory, only to find a flask of a virulent airborne supervirus open on the floor. “Whoever did this wanted me dead,” says Alicia. While there is a known antidote, it needs to be taken before exposure to the virus in order to be successful.

Upon arrival at the facility, Jane and Lisbon are met by Dean Harken (Tony Curran, ‘This Life’) of the California Disease Control Authority (CDCA). Harken informs the agents that he is in charge of the situation, owing to the potential for a deadly viral outbreak. He also explains that there may be no foul play involved, since Alicia probably dropped the vial herself, then forgot what she had done because of the effects of the virus.

Since only a limited number of people have access to Alicia’s biohazard chamber, Jane quickly comes up with a shortlist of suspects. The list consists of the victim’s husband, Dr Cliff Edmunds, who also works at the lab, and three other scientists. “So your husband or one of your three colleagues is the killer,” Jane tells the dying Alicia. No sooner has the victim succumbed to the virus, however, than Harken pulls rank on the CBI team. “You want to make a murder case? We’ll deal with the suspects, as per CDCA protocol,” he says.

As Harken begins to question the scientists, Jane deliberately disrupts the procedure, insisting that he could get to the truth in ten minutes if he were allowed to lead the case. But an angry Lisbon sends manages to gain access. “We need to expand the pool of suspects,” he tells Harken. “The little hi-tech scanners let anyone in. Anyone in this facility could have gotten into those little virus thingies!”

Once Alicia’s lab has been decontaminated and her body removed, Jane sets about shortening the list of suspects. Among those of interest is Mr Price, the manager in charge of the security systems, and Lilith Nash, a quiet scientist with a history of mental-health issues. However, before the investigation can proceed any further, Jane discovers another empty flask of the virus lying in the staff room. A shocked Dr Cliff Edmunds explains the significance of the discovery to the agents. “There’s nothing we can do,” he says. “In the next few hours, we’ll all be dead.”

Harken immediately locks down the station and delivers the bad news. “Nobody leaves this facility,” he says, gravely. “We have a few hours left, so we should all make our arrangements and say our prayers as best we can.” Is this really the end for Jane and the team, or is the wily consultant playing yet another of his elaborate tricks?



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