Season 1 - Episode 10: Red Brick and Ivy

Episode 10: Red Brick and Ivy

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When Jane receives a call from an old friend called Sophie Miller, he immediately requests that the CBI take on a new case. Miller, it emerges, is the prime suspect in the murder of an eminent neuroscientist at a Californian university, but Jane believes her innocent. Also a neuroscientist at the university, Miller was once married to the victim, Alex Nelson, and has had a number of confrontations with him since their divorce. She also had access to the cyanide with which Nelson was killed. "What if we take this case and it turns out she's guilty?" asks a concerned Lisbon. "She didn't do it," replies Jane. "She told me she didn't - she wouldn't lie to me."

Soon after the CBI take on Miller's case, the suspect is put in the clear thanks to a number of posters that appear around the university campus. The posters claim responsibility for Nelson's murder on behalf of an animal-rights organisation known as the Animal Equality League (AEL). The AEL extremists also threaten the life of Nelson's colleague, Lewis Stutzer. Upon learning that his agents have ended up with an animal-rights case, CBI boss Virgil Minelli is furious. "You'd better close this crap quick," he tells Lisbon.

The agents visit Professor Stutzer at his lab and quiz him about the nature of his work. Stutzer, Nelson and Miller had been collaborating on a pioneering project to identify and manipulate the area of the brain responsible for morality. In experiments with chimps, the scientists claim to have suppressed violence by stimulating the 'anterior cingulated gyrus' with electrical currents. "We are plumbing the depths of the human soul," says the professor. Stutzer also explains that he and his team were often threatened by animal activists.

However, the investigation changes direction when the agents learn that the AEL consists of just one loner. The unhinged man is brought in for questioning and confesses to the murder, but is unable to offer details of the crime and is quickly discounted. Instead, Jane and Lisbon visit Nelson's widow, Emily. Jane is convinced that this meek woman did not kill her husband, but surmises that Nelson was a control freak who made all of his women dye their hair blonde. "She couldn't kill anyone unless they told her to in a firm voice," says Jane. "Let's go see Stutzer's assistant." While at the university, Jane noticed that Stutzer's assistant, Kerry Sheenan, also had dyed blonde hair and wonders if she might have been having an affair with Nelson.

Upon arrival at Sheenan's apartment, the agents find the woman slumped in a chair, dead. Near the body lies a bottle of cyanide, shredded photographs of Sheenan and Nelson together and a note bearing the words 'forgive me'. Satisfied that Sheenan killed her lover then herself in a jealous rage, the university chancellor considers the case closed, but Lisbon is not so sure. Suspecting that the 'suicide' was staged, Lisbon refuses to discount Sophie Miller as a suspect. "If she is guilty, she lied to me and I believed it," says Jane. "She fooled me."

When Jane heads back to the university and confronts Miller, he makes a startling discovery - Miller has been faking the results of Stutzer's research. "This building, this institute, this whole multimillion-dollar project is based on a sham - yes or no," he demands. "Yes, it's a sham," replies Miller. "We've been falsifying data for almost a year now." Could Miller have killed Nelson because he was about to reveal the truth? Jane decides that the only way to get to the bottom of the case is by staging an elaborate scam involving Miller, Stutzer and some complex scientific equipment. But is he about to risk his career - and his life - to protect a guilty woman?



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