Season 1 - Episode 14: Crimson Casanova

Episode 14: Crimson Casanova

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The agents are called to a swanky resort and spa where 32-year-old Claire Wolcott has been shot dead. At the time of the crime, the victim was in bed with her lover. "Which makes Mr Wolcott suspect number one," says Rigsby. "Number two," corrects Lisbon. "Number one would be Mrs Wolcott's mystery lover." But Jane has his own ideas. Based on ballistics and blood spatter evidence, he theorises that the victim's lover was himself injured and fled the scene before the police arrived. "So you're a forensics expert now?" asks an incredulous Lisbon.

Sure enough, a blood trail leads the agents to one Paul Fricke, a notorious philanderer currently in bed with a different woman. After being awoken by gunshots and grazed by one of the bullets, Fricke fled the hotel room, but immediately picked up another woman in the car park. While Lisbon and the team are shocked by Fricke's indifference to the recent death of one of his lovers, they do not suspect him of murder.

Another suspect arises in the form of Natalie, a personal assistant recently fired by Claire Wolcott for stealing - an accusation she vehemently denies. Jane and Van Pelt pay Natalie a visit and discover photographs of the victim and her lover taken at the hotel just two hours before Claire's death. During questioning, Natalie insists that she had no hand in the murder, claiming that she planned to approach Claire and threaten to tell her husband about the affair if she did not withdraw her damaging accusation. "It probably wouldn't have worked anyway," says Natalie of her abandoned plan. "Keith Wolcott is super-controlling - he probably knew all along his wife was sleeping around."

Cho believes Natalie's story, but Keith Wolcott denies prior knowledge of his wife's affair. He also has an alibi for the night of the crime. While the other agents explore the possibility that Keith paid a hit man to kill Claire, Jane and Rigsby revisit the crime scene. After checking over the room, they head to the restaurant where they spot Paul Fricke attempting to pick up more women. Fricke offers some womanising tips, but Jane is more interested in his relationship with a waitress hovering around the table. "What's going on between you and Katie here?" he asks. Fricke admits that he and the waitress once had a brief fling, but Jane thinks there was more to the relationship. Could Katie have shot Claire Wolcott in a jealous rage after seeing her with the man she loves?

Keith Wolcott then re-enters the frame when it emerges that he cancelled a cheque his wife had made out to Fricke, suggesting that he did know about her infidelity. Jane visits him at his private club and confronts him. Keith admits that he knew about the affair, but claims he was not concerned since he intended to divorce her anyway - and the affair meant she would be entitled to less of a payout. Appalled by Keith's attitude, Jane lashes out. "You contemptible little buffoon," he spits. "Your wife just died and you're swanning around in a monkey suit drinking punch!" Jane then flicks the powerful businessman on the nose.

Back at HQ, a furious Lisbon sets about dealing with the fallout from Jane's behaviour, but the wayward consultant is unconcerned. Instead, he comes up with an elaborate sting to ensnare the killer at the hotel bar, where Paul Fricke is a regular visitor. Jane's outrageous plan involves Cho posing as a playboy on the lookout for single women, while observing Katie and Fricke's interaction. But having already brought the CBI a great deal of trouble, does Jane have any more influence over his colleagues? And does Cho have enough charm to pull off his undercover role?


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