Season 6 - Episode 15: White as the Driven Snow

Episode 15: White as the Driven Snow

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Since Patrick Jane started working with the FBI, he has been trying to discover who has been targeting his former CBI colleagues. Now Van Pelt has been snatched and the hunt is on to find her before she suffers the same fate as the others. Her husband, Wayne Rigsby, is beside himself with worry.

The FBI’s prime suspect is Richard Haibach, the amateur photographer who lost his thumb when Bob Kirkland abducted him. Jane is convinced that he is the killer, but he appears to have a watertight alibi for the time when Grace was abducted.

Jane has no intention of losing another friend and applies his considerable expertise in out psyching criminals. 'He came herewith a plan. We need to break that pattern,' he declares. But with Grace locked in a cellar out of sight and earshot of the world, the race is on to break Haibach and find her before it is too late.


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