Season 1 - Episode 15: Scarlett Fever

Episode 15: Scarlett Fever

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The agents are called to a high-society party at which the host, Scarlett Marquesa, has died. The 33-year-old socialite fell to her death from a balcony after drinking a cocktail laced with rat poison. A napkin bearing the message 'Now we're even' written in expensive lipstick is found at the scene.

Jane and Lisbon visit the victim's widower, Victor, and find him in the company of two chic women, both of whom are board members at the exclusive country club at which Scarlett was president. One of the women, Asra, embraces Victor before leaving. Inside the house, Jane accuses Victor of having an affair with Asra -much to the widower's chagrin. On seeing Victor's reaction, Jane changes his mind about the affair, but remains convinced that Asra is hiding something. "I thought it was a love affair gone awry but it isn't," he tells Lisbon. "She's probably stealing from him."

Rigsby and Jane head to the country club and meet the five members of the board - all rich, competitive women apparently desperate to gossip and backbite. Heather, Asra, Patience, Jackie and Mandy all have their own, contrasting theories about who killed Scarlett and are only too willing to share them. "They're all hiding something - but I don't know what," says Jane.

Asra becomes a suspect when she empties her bank account and attempts to flee. Rigsby tracks her down to a secluded resort and bursts through the bedroom door - only to find her in bed with Mandy. During questioning, Asra admits trying to run away, but denies murder. Instead, she claims that she left because the murder investigation would make public her lesbian affair and uncover the truth about her dodgy financial dealings. It emerges that Asra works as account manager for Victor's real-estate business and has long been 'borrowing' huge sums of cash.

A look into Scarlett's finances reveals that she made a number of large deposits in the months running up to her death. Victor explains that his wife had a successful jewellery business and was due to meet her supplier later in the day. The agents go to meet the supplier and make a startling discovery - Scarlett was dealing not in jewellery, but prescription drugs. The man who was selling her the gear is promptly arrested, but points the agents in the direction of another prospective client - none other than Patience. Could the jealous housewife have murdered Scarlett in order to muscle in on her lucrative drug venture? "Scarlett was doing booming business and you wanted to be a part of it -maybe a little too much," accuses Rigsby.

Before the agents can pursue Patience as a suspect, she is found stabbed to death at a spa. Concluding that the modus operandi suggests a crime of passion, Lisbon theorises that Victor may have killed Patience as revenge for murdering his wife. However, Jane seems unconvinced and sets about executing a somewhat unethical plan. The wily consultant takes notorious gossips Heather and Jackie out for lunch and begins to talk openly about the case. "Okay, can you promise me that this will stay between us?" he asks the enthralled women. "We're going after Victor Marquesa." Does Jane have a good reason for this highly irregular behaviour, or will his mind games only serve to bring yet more trouble to the CBI?

Elsewhere this week, Rigsby mixes work and pleasure when he woos a wealthy divorcée from the country club. But when the pair prepare to go out on a date, it seems Van Pelt may be a little jealous...


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