Season 2 - Episode 18: Aingavite Baa

Episode 18: Aingavite Baa

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Episode 18: Aingavite Baa

Cho and Van Pelt are on a routine assignment when a bleeding woman staggers out of the trees. “She says she can’t remember who she is, where she came from or what happened,” Van Pelt tells Jane when he arrives. It transpires ‘Jane Doe’ was shot in the head, but the bullet only grazed the skin. Jane hypnotises the woman and, from her vague recollections, the agents are able to trace the crime scene to a stable, where three dead bodies are lying on the ground. The team concludes the mystery woman was left for dead by the killer. “The shooter probably thought she was dead and dumped her with the other bodies,” Van Pelt says.

Two of the victims were apparently hikers who were killed when they chanced upon the scene. Jane believes the third dead body was the killer’s real target. The young man is identified as Leonard Railton, a Native American with a long criminal record. Jane and Lisbon head to Leonard’s reservation, where they meet with some uncooperative locals.

In an effort to jog Jane Doe’s memory, Jane shows her some postcards of the reservation and asks if she recognises the area. When this fails, he takes the unorthodox step of driving her to the reservation to attend Leonard Railton’s memorial service. The woman does not recognise anyone in the crowd, but at Jane’s prompting, she suddenly seems to recall the crime. “I see it! I see it!” she cries. In front of the whole room, the woman describes a blue lake. “They left something on the shore,” she adds, presumably referring to the killers.

Outside, Jane explains to a bemused Lisbon that he used the postcards of the reservation to plant a ‘posthypnotic suggestion’ in Jane Doe’s mind. Using a trigger phrase, he programmed her to tell the crowd that the killer ‘left something behind’. “The killer’s feeling paranoid now so he or she will be compelled to go back to the scene of the crime and make sure nothing was left behind,” he says. Will Jane’s plan to flush out the killer succeed, or has he made a terrible miscalculation?

Elsewhere, Agent Hightower tells Rigsby and Van Pelt that one of them must transfer out of the unit if they wish to continue their relationship. Cho poses Rigsby a simple question: “Which do you want more – the job or Van Pelt?” Rigsby boldly declares to his lover that he is prepared to transfer to San Francisco in order to safeguard their relationship. But will Van Pelt allow him to make that sacrifice for her?

Also this week, Hightower reprimands Lisbon for failing to manage the Rigsby-Van Pelt situation. “You’re their superior. I expect more,” she says. Jane sticks up for his friend by needling his new boss about her private life. Hightower correctly senses that Jane is making his displeasure known. “I guess it’s your way of saying you’re unhappy with the way I’m handling Lisbon,” she deduces. Will Hightower decide to cut Lisbon some slack?



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