Season 2 - Episode 19: Blood Money

Episode 19: Blood Money

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Episode 19: Blood Money

Assistant DA Kelly Flower is found murdered in her home. Lisbon and the team interview her colleague, ADA Marc Odenthal, to find out if Kelly’s murder was related to her work. Odenthal reveals that Kelly was working on a career-making case involving a crime family called the Drabers. The agents waste no time in questioning the Drabers about Kelly’s death, but the criminals plead their innocence.

While interviewing Kelly’s distraught husband at her house, Jane meets the Flowers’ building contractor, Cale Sylvan. Jane is intrigued when Sylvan stands on the patch of dried blood where Kelly’s body lay, and does not even move when it is pointed out to him. “Cale Sylvan is a dangerous psychopath – he killed Kelly Flower,” Jane tells Lisbon. When pressed to support his accusation, Jane replies: “He had access and he looked evil.” Incredibly, a background check on Cale Sylvan confirms Jane’s suspicions. Sylvan is connected to numerous murders and disappearances. “He’s not just a killer, he’s a serial killer,” Lisbon says.

However, serial killers tend to target the same type of person, while Sylvan’s victims are all very diverse. When Van Pelt discovers that Sylvan was paid for each of his murders, the team realises he is a hit man. “A psychopath who makes money from his hobby,” Jane says. “You do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life!”

The agents trace Sylvan’s website and arrange a meeting with him. Van Pelt poses as a client who wants the hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend – in this case, Rigsby. When she demands proof from Sylvan that he is for real, he shows her a video clip of the murder of Kelly Flower on his phone. The agents promptly swoop and arrest Sylvan.

Marc Odenthal appears to have a strong case in court, until the defence demands to know from Lisbon if Jane used unorthodox tactics to catch Sylvan. “Did your consultant break into Mr Sylvan’s home without a warrant?” the lawyer asks. Lisbon discovers that Jane already knew of the video clip of Kelly’s murder because he had found it in the killer’s flat. The trial falls apart and Lisbon is suspended.

Odenthal, meanwhile, tells Jane that his days are numbered. “You’re a menace!” he yells. “When I’m DA, you’ll never work with this office again!” Jane tries to convince Cho to let him take a second shot at catching Cale Sylvan. The agents uncover evidence that Sylvan is renting a second property – a so-called ‘murder house’. The team descends on the house in time to save Sylvan’s latest victim. But before Sylvan can reveal who hired him to kill Kelly Flower, he is shot dead by a sniper. “I guess whoever employed Sylvan hired a second shooter to cover his tracks,” says Cho.

Jane, meanwhile, calls on Lisbon’s help when he pays a visit to the Draber family’s lair at the port. Lisbon accompanies him into the Drabers’ warehouse, where Jane exposes the family matriarch as the brains behind the operation. Unfortunately, Mrs Draber does not react well to Jane’s intervention. “You’ve just made a very stupid move,” she spits. Jane and Lisbon are locked up in a cargo container and placed on a ship. Can they escape their metal tomb?



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