Season 1 - Episode 19: A Dozen Red Roses

Episode 19: A Dozen Red Roses

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The murder of a Hollywood producer drags the agents into a world of big egos, bad acting and drugs. Simon Baker's off-screen wife, Rebecca Rigg, guest stars.

The agents are called to a Hollywood boulevard where Felix Hanson, a rich state representative, has been shot dead. The victim was a dedicated anti-drugs campaigner and made a number of enemies throughout his career. However, a search of Hanson's car uncovers a quantity of marijuana and prescription opiates. "So I guess it is drug related, but not in a good-guy way," says Jane.

It emerges that Hanson was financing a film called 'A Dozen Roses' directed by one Gabriel Fanning and starring Hanson's wife, a once famous actress called Felicia Scott (Rebecca Rigg). On the night of his death, the victim had dinner with Fanning - to celebrate his foray into film production, according to the director. Despite Fanning's insistence that he and Hanson got on well, Jane is convinced the pair argued at dinner - a theory that gains weight during an interview with the victim's widow and daughter, Sydney. The 16-year-old, who also has a bit part in the movie, informs the agents that her father intended to withdraw his funding from the project.

Jane and Lisbon pay Fanning another visit on set and find him taking drugs. He admits that Fanning threatened to pull the plug on his film, but denies killing him. "I'm extremely anxious for this film to work - I need it to work," he says. "Hanson's death was awfully convenient then," suggests Jane. "Yeah, it was. When you told me he was dead my heart leapt for joy - and then I felt terrible," replies Fanning. Lisbon decides to arrest the director for possession of a controlled substance, but his subservient agent, Mitch, claims the drugs belong to him and is apprehended in his client's place.

In exchange for his freedom, Mitch offers up the name of Fanning's dealer - Frederick Ross. The agents track Ross down to a party where they find him in the company of none other than Sydney Hanson. Sydney is brought in for questioning and admits that the drugs found in her father's car belonged to her and her boyfriend, Brandon Fulton. She also explains that Brandon persuaded her to steal items from home to finance their drug habit. Among the stolen belongings was a .45 calibre pistol - the same weapon used to kill Hanson. Could Brandon have shot his girlfriend's father because he was against their relationship?

With Brandon at large, Lisbon and Jane question Sydney's stepmother, Felicia Scott. The actress admits that she and her late husband were opposed to Sydney's relationship with Brandon, but insists that the lad would not have killed Hanson. However, Jane thinks Felicia knows more than she is letting on. "I predict that Brandon Fulton will pay a visit to the Hanson residence this evening," he tells Lisbon, before assigning Rigsby and Cho to stakeout duty. Sure enough, Brandon appears later that night holding a gun and lets himself into the house. Rigsby and Cho follow the lad inside, but are too late to stop Felicia shooting him in the chest. "Hey boss, we've got a good news/bad news situation here," Rigsby reports to Lisbon.

While Brandon recovers in hospital, the agents regroup at the station. The gun the boy was holding is indeed the one used to kill Hanson, but since it was never reported stolen and was found on the floor of Hanson's house, there is no evidence tying Brandon to the murder. "Without an actual confession, we're stuck," says Lisbon. However, Jane is convinced that if Brandon did pull the trigger, somebody else was involved. In order to get to the truth, he sets up a Hollywood-style sting involving some acting, a film set and a hastily improvised script. "I'm thinking Felicia and Sydney should go back to work," he says. Will Jane's audacious plan work, or is he just indulging an unfulfilled dream?



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