Season 2 - Episode 22: Red Letter

The Mentalist

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Episode 22: Red Letter

Hector Brava, the charismatic head of an organisation trying to stop human trafficking, is due to give a speech. Rumours are circulating that he intends to expose a shocking secret. However, just before he is due to give the speech, Hector is found battered to death with a fire extinguisher. While the victim’s wallet remains on his person, his lecture notes are missing, suggesting that the killer was desperate to prevent the speech. The CBI is called in to investigate, along with selfproclaimed psychic Kristina Frye (Leslie Hope, ‘24’) to help. Jane and Kristina have locked horns before (see the episode ‘Seeing Red’) and it is not long before sparks start to fly once more.

One of Hector’s employees, Russell Bigelow (Eugene Byrd, ‘Heroes’, ‘Bones’), is brought in for questioning. Russell claims that Hector planned to use his speech to tell a shocking truth about the organisation with which they were involved. He reveals that the World Anti-Trafficking Coalition engages in human trafficking itself, and uses its position as an anti-trafficker to control the trade outright. However, Jane grows suspicious when he discovers that Russell, as well as handling Hector’s work schedule, also procured him prostitutes. Jane suspects that Russell was somehow involved in Hector’s death.

Jane’s suspicions appear to be borne out when he learns that Russell was trying to blackmail Hector over a past relationship that resulted in a love child. Jane urges Kristina to set up a phoney séance to entrap the killer. However, Kristina insists that to do so would be an abuse of her ‘gift’. Can Jane convince her to go against her principles and help catch Russell? And will an unlikely romance bloom between Jane and Kristina?



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