Season 2 - Episode 23: Red Sky in the Morning

Episode 23: Red Sky in the Morning

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Episode 23: Red Sky in the Morning

In the explosive season finale, the agents are drawn into the hunt for a murderer impersonating Red John, only for the real serial killer to strike on the other side of California. Seemingly intent on gaining publicity for herself, professional psychic Kristina Frye makes a potentially fatal mistake in appealing to Red John during a televised interview.

Van Pelt brings the team together when she is alerted to a video posted online apparently showing serial killer Red John claim his latest victim. As the agents study the footage, they receive a call from local cops who have found the dead girl – a college student called Marley Sparrow, stabbed to death in her bed. Hightower is keen to bring in selfproclaimed psychic Kristina Frye to help with the case, but Jane objects. “Nothing she says is more than clever guess work,” he insists. “So she has essentially the same skills as you –what’s the deal?” asks Hightower. “Red John’s mine,” replies Jane.

Upon arrival at the scene, Jane assesses the evidence and comes to a speedy conclusion. “This wasn’t Red John,” he says. However, a criminology lecturer at the university the dead girl attended reveals that Red John’s name came up in a recent discussion with students – though she cannot remember who mentioned him. Could Marley have fallen victim to a copycat killer obsessed with Red John?

Later that day, Jane is appalled to see Kristina on television making a direct appeal to Red John. Recalling his own TV appearance that led to the murder of his family, Jane is furious. “What the hell are you thinking? Don’t you understand who you’re dealing with?” he asks of the psychic when she is brought to the station. “She needs 24-hour protection,” he adds, turning to Hightower. Despite Kristina’s protestations, Lisbon and Jane go home with her to keep guard.

Back at HQ, the other agents make a breakthrough in the Marley case – it seems her killer is a cameraloving voyeur obsessed with slasher movies. With the help of the university lecturer, they come up with the name of Wesley Blankfein, a strange, lonely criminology student. Agents rush to Blankfein’s house, but he has apparently fled. However, his guilt seems to be confirmed by the discovery of a shrine to the dead girl, featuring numerous photographs of her and a replica of Red John’s trademark smiley face.

While Rigsby and Cho chase down a number of leads, Lisbon receives a call from Agent Feeney of the FBI. “We’ve got a case here in Lake Tahoe,” says Feeney. “Looks like your boy Red John.” A shocked Lisbon delivers the news to Kristina. “Red John killed the woman who interviewed you,” she says.

Ensuring Van Pelt and a number of police officers are stationed at Kristina’s house, Jane and Lisbon head to Nevada to investigate, and are left in no doubt that the real serial killer is responsible on this occasion. However, on their return to California, the pair learn that Kristina has disappeared from her house, along with her passport and a suitcase full of clothes. Did the psychic panic and flee the country, or has Red John somehow managed to get past the police protection and abduct her?


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