Season 1 - Episode 4: Ladies in Red

Episode 4: Ladies in Red

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The agents are called to the luxury San Francisco residence of Jason Sands after his wife returned home to find the house ransacked and her husband missing. The local cops are already at the scene and suspect kidnapping, since Sands is a well-known political contributor. "He's still here," says Patrick to the bemusement of the officers. Sure enough, Patrick finds a hidden door to a safe room where Jason Sands is lying dead in a pool of blood. He has been tortured with pliers and a lit cigar. The agents theorise that the victim bled to death after locking himself in his safe room to escape his attacker.

At the victim's funeral, Patrick offers Rigsby some seduction advice, before practising his own tips on none other than the dead man's widow, Jennifer. Before his colleagues can stop him, the controversial consultant has approached Jennifer, clasped her hand tightly and offered her his help. The Sands family lawyer quickly brings in security and has Patrick ejected from the funeral. Back at CBI HQ in Sacramento, bureau director Virgil Minelli is furious. "Jane, you close cases, so I tolerate you," he says. "But there is a line, and when you cross it, I'll throw you to the wolves."

However, it seems Patrick has succeeded in his bizarre ploy when Jennifer invites him to her home. "What's on your mind, Mrs Sands?" he asks upon paying the widow a visit. "Why am I here?" Jennifer reveals that she needs Patrick's help because her late husband was close to bankruptcy at the time of his death. Convinced that her husband kept back some kind of nest egg, the destitute Jennifer wants Patrick to locate the money like he did Jason's body. "If I know Jason, there's something left," she says.

A look into Jason's financial records shows that his business interests had all but disappeared over the last few years thanks to some bad investments - yet until just a few weeks ago, he had $10 million in his personal bank account. "His business has been dead for years - where did he get $10 million from?" asks Rigsby. "More importantly, where is it now?" adds Van Pelt. "That's what his killers wanted to know," concludes Cho.

The agents get some answers when they learn that the dead man had a mistress - a hard-nosed Armenian woman called Adrianna Jonovic. Under questioning, Adrianna claims that she and Jason were about to run away together with $10 million worth of diamonds. Since he was murdered, she has been looking for the jewels. "You know who killed him?" asks Lisbon. "Sure I know," replies Adrianna. "Dieter Webb and Carter Lewis." She explains that Jason had been laundering dirty money for these two crooks until he stole $10 million of their cash. They too must have been looking for the missing money.

Well known to local police for a series of drug offences, Webb and Lewis are promptly arrested and dragged in for questioning. However, while the suspects are in custody, a panicked Jennifer phones Patrick and reports that her daughter, Julie, has been kidnapped. A note left at Jennifer's house reads, 'You know what we want', while a message that later arrives on Jennifer's cell phone asks if she has it. "Say yes and tell them I'll bring it to them," says Patrick. "It's okay - I know where the money is."

Once again, it seems Patrick has an audacious plan to bring the case to a close, but he is going to need the unwitting assistance of one of the key suspects - Adrianna Jonovic. Does the maverick mentalist know what he is doing, or is he about to put his own life - and that of a little girl - in grave danger?


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