Season 1 - Episode 5: Redwood

Episode 5: Redwood

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The agents are called to the forests of Redwood Point where officers searching for two missing women have found a bloody body by an abandoned car. The local sheriff identifies the victim as Kara Palmer, one of the missing women. “So, where’s Nicole Gilbert?” asks Patrick.

As the CBI agents join the cops and park rangers in a search, the sheriff reveals that Kara was a good girl, while Nicole is something of a wild child. One ranger, Kyle, is convinced he knows what happened. “Some badass townie girl got mad drunk, stabbed her friend to death and ran off into the woods,” he says. “Kara Palmer died from loss of blood. Nicole Gilbert is still missing,” says Teresa, keen to stick to the facts. “Maybe she ran off, maybe she was abducted – don’t assume anything.”

However, things look bad for Nicole when she shows up the next day in a psychotic state, covered in blood and holding a knife. She is taken to hospital and claims to have no memory of the previous night’s events. Patrick pays her a visit and presses her for information, ignoring the doctor’s orders to let her rest. Nicole says that she and Kara were at a party celebrating her engagement to a local man. They left together in Kara’s car, then stopped because Nicole felt sick. All she remembers after that is the sound of rushing water. “She’s telling the truth,” says Patrick. “Something happened – something too horrible for her mind to handle.”

Following up the rushing water lead, Rigsby and a park ranger search all the empty cabins near the river, looking for evidence that Nicole was held captive overnight. Meanwhile, the other agents check out Nicole’s fiancé, Jason. He has a solid alibi for the time of the murder, but is able to provide a video of the party that shows a suspicious-looking man staring at Kara from the bar. The man is identified as Rulon Farnes and brought in for questioning. The sleazy Farnes admits that he often visited Kara and hassled her to go out with him, but denies murder. “If I killed every woman that rejected me, I would have killed a lot of women,” he says.

Farnes has no alibi for the time of Kara’s death, but the agents do not have enough evidence to hold him. They release him, but Lisbon and Rigsby tail him to a bar across town. It is while they are sitting in the car park that Lisbon notices the drone of cars from the nearby highway. “What if Nicole didn’t hear water that night –what if it was the flow of traffic?” she asks. “Then we should have been searching cabins on this side of town,” replies Rigsby. Lisbon calls Kyle and sets about searching all the likely locations near the highway, while Rigsby stays behind to keep an eye on Farnes.

Convinced that Nicole holds the key to the case, Patrick visits her in hospital again and sneaks her out past the guard. He then takes her back down the forest road and urges her to remember more about the night of Kara’s death. Sure enough, she recalls that a man approached her and knocked her to the ground when she was being sick by the roadside. When Kara got out of the car to help, the man stabbed her to death. “Kara died trying to save me!” she says. The man then took Nicole to a cabin where he held her at knifepoint and tried to rape her, but she managed to grab the knife and escape.

Nicole eventually manages to recall a description of the man, which Patrick relays to Lisbon over the phone while she is searching a cabin. Initially, Lisbon thinks that the description is too vague to be of any use, until one particular aspect stands out – the killer is none other than Kyle, the armed man currently standing next to her...


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