Season 2 - Episode 8: His Red Right Hand

Episode 8: His Red Right Hand

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Bosco and his agents are gunned down within the walls of CBI headquarters. With two men dead and Bosco in a critical condition, Lisbon and her team race to find the perpetrator. As the investigation progresses, it becomes clear that notorious serial killer Red John is responsible – and he has an assistant inside the department.

After being called to a murder case at a cemetery in the middle of the night, Lisbon and the team return to HQ to find Bosco and two of his agents gunned down in their office. “Lock this place down, now!” yells Cho, as Lisbon and Jane strive to resuscitate the casualties. When the ambulance arrives, the two other agents are dead, and Bosco is in a critical condition. In a clear state of shock, Jane surveys the scene. “There should be three bodies, but there are only two,” he says. “Where’s Agent Hicks?”

With CBI HQ on high alert, the agents set about interviewing the security guards and checking CCTV footage to find the shooter. It emerges that the cameras were disabled for 30 minutes – time enough for the killer to enter and leave the building without detection. A shaken Minelli urges Lisbon to do all she can to bring the case to a swift conclusion. “I spoke to the governor. I told him I have my best team on the job – I know you’ll do us proud,” he says. However, he also has some worrying news from the hospital. “His injuries are extensive,” he says of Bosco. “I’m sorry to ask this, but I need to know that you’re gonna be able to go on with this case – no matter what happens.” v The case takes a terrifying twist when Jane learns the identity of the dead man found in the cemetery. The victim is Dr Towlen Morning – family physician to a couple murdered by serial killer Red John some years ago. Jane is convinced that the cases are linked. Sure enough, a search of Dr Morning’s surgery unearths a dead Agent Hicks –with Red John’s signature smiley face painted on the wall in blood. Jane explains that Dr Morning was involved in the Red John investigation nine years ago when two of his patients, Janet and Carter Peak, were murdered.

Though Carter’s body was never found, it was assumed that he was the serial killer’s fourth victim. It emerges that Carter’s body was recently discovered in the foundations of a house, which would explain why Hicks was visiting Dr Morning, and why Red John took such drastic measures to cover his tracks. “There’s evidence on Carter Peak’s body,” surmises Jane. “Damning evidence – like DNA. That’s why he tried to make it disappear!”

Jane and Cho head to the morgue where Carter’s body is being held, but are too late. The coroner informs them that somebody from CBI collected the body last night – none other than Rebecca, Bosco’s PA. Realising Bosco’s life is still in danger, the agents race to the hospital and arrest Rebecca just as she is about to finish the job she started.

Back at HQ, Jane interviews Rebecca in a bid to learn Red John’s identity, but she refuses to cooperate. Confident that he will eventually get through to her, Jane asks one question that has been puzzling him. “After you took Carter Peak’s body, why did Red John have you attack Bosco’s team?” he asks. “I got rid of Bosco so that you could have the case back,” is Rebecca’s chilling response. “Red John misses you.” Can Jane use his skills to break Rebecca down, or is Red John about to slip through his fingers once more?



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