Season 5 - Episode 3: Not One Red Cent

Episode 3: Not One Red Cent

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When Jane is getting his shoes fixed at a cobblers and a bullet flies through the window, he could have been forgiven for thinking he was finally getting his comeuppance as the scourge of the criminal underworld.

Actually, he has just avoided being the victim of a bank robbery across the street, in which assistant manager Ernie Wright has been fatally shot, despite none of the witnesses knowing who fired the gun.

At the crime scene, Cho tells Lisbon that the robbery is connected to three others in the past six months, but this is the first time there has been a death involved.

At CBI headquarters, Rigsby and Van Pelt watch the robbery footage and note that only one of the robbers was involved in all of them. Can they get hold of him and find their ringleader?



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