Season 3 - Episode 13: Red Alert

Episode 13: Red Alert

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The team investigate the death of a film-maker. As they make links to an older murder case, Jane is taken hostage by the prime suspect.



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Comments (27)

  • lol

    3 years ago


    lisbon says that shell get burtram to pay the ticket

  • jacdaw

    3 years ago


    Where has hightower gone?? I seem to have missed an episode...Am I losing the plot lol...

  • Edna

    3 years ago


    I hate to miss an episode of the Mentalist. I think it is one of the best. I can not wait for tonights episode I am really glad I can catch up if I miss one.

  • kity

    3 years ago


    yep crazy episode loved it cant wait for next episode

  • kat

    3 years ago


    haha this the best episode ever so far jane is really funny extortion he calls speeding

  • Diz

    3 years ago


    When I switch the sound off in advance so as to ignore the ads it's because I already paid to watch the channels I can view via cable. Watcha doin' to my computa' to make the sound switch back on? You waste your time, I defy you. Now get on with it and don't waste my time.

  • alan pugh

    3 years ago

    alan pugh

    forgot to give you a email address sending it now. l have put in four numbers but cannot remember what it is. thank you

  • gerry.m

    3 years ago


    what does Lisbon say about the speeding fine in the last minute I can't quite make it out?

  • carol57

    3 years ago


    Love it..Keep it up

  • Dotty

    3 years ago


    I want to watch this on my iPad!!!

  • DD

    3 years ago


    Why am I having problems viewing this episode?

  • Cooldude

    3 years ago


    Why won't you just pay the icket Jane? ;)

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  • Peter

    3 years ago


    This show leaves others standing and Jane makes it all plausible!

  • hickie

    3 years ago


    love this one cant wait till next week for more

  • Seymour

    3 years ago


    dont get to watch the show often as i dont own a tv but when i do get the chance i will watch as many as are available to replay, patrick jane, meet seymour thas me and i see just as much as you i think my story told by a clever bein

  • chubbz

    3 years ago


    im fast becoming a fan of this show but there are far to many adverts why so often and so long, 90 secs every time.

  • RachH

    3 years ago


    Jane has a intense dislike of guns, he always has - do we know where this came from, how it started?

  • Toj

    3 years ago


    Just watched it, have to agree this is one of the best. Intense.

  • Con

    3 years ago


    Andy, currently FIVE are putting each episode up online a week before air date. However, i expect this will not continue for the whole season. Alex, Gale Bertram came into the mix at the start of this season, Season 3 episode 1 to be exact. Hightower is still boss, Bertram is the 'director', Hightowers boss in other words.

  • Alex

    3 years ago


    Does anyone know the episode when "Bertron" Becomes the boss? Last i remember Hightower was, have i missed an episode somewhere?

  • Andy Sproxton

    3 years ago

    Andy Sproxton

    Time warp - this episode first broadcast Mar 18th......It being curently March 12th...Shurely Shome mishtake?? Good episode, tho!

  • Con

    3 years ago


    Sarah, as stated above, every single episode of The Mentalist (the pilot aside) referrs to red in some way. Be it red, a shade of red or something else that is red in some way.

  • @Sarah

    3 years ago


    If you havn't noticed, all episode titels reference towards red john ;)

  • Sarah

    3 years ago


    i thought all episodes with 'red' in the title featured red john? this one didn't. ...or did it?

  • Con

    3 years ago


    Apparently this episode is amazing. Can't wait till Friday, gonna be great as usual!

  • Mr Smith

    3 years ago

    Mr Smith

    What a classic! Brilliant episode, one of the best so far!